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In this section, you can create schedules that will allow you to display at specific dates and times the Layouts, Media, and Playlists you created. Schedules help with managing the frequency with which content gets displayed.

Managing Schedules

In the "Schedules" section, you can see a list of schedules currently created in your Yodeck account. Information about schedules is organized in the following columns:

  • the Name of the Schedule
  • the Timestamp (date and time) that the Schedule was uploaded or last modified
  • an Actions column, with 4 buttons for making changes

In this list, you can:


Change the details of a schedule by clicking the "edit" button. 
Here, you can also substitute the actual schedule, and it will be changed wherever it is used. 
Check out the "Adding a Schedule" section below for details on the fields.

DuplicateCreate a copy of the schedule.

DeleteDelete a single schedule. The schedule will be removed and it will not be available in the portal for future use. 
Delete multiple schedules. Click on the schedules you want to delete and press on the delete button of just one. 

Move to another Workspace

You can move schedules to different Workspaces. Choose the Workspace of your choice and click Move.

*This feature is only available in the Enterprise plan.

SearchSearch for a specific schedule using the search tool

Adding a Schedule

To add a new schedule click on the "+ Add Schedule" button found at the bottom of the Schedules list.

As a next step you are requested to name your new schedule and then set the layouts, media or playlists you want to display.

The calendar that appears gives you the option to view the month, week or even day of your choice, by clicking on the relevant buttons. By default you can see the current date, however, you can move to the previous or next month/week/day by clicking on the arrows next to the "today" button.

On the right side of the screen, there is the "Entries" column under which you can find all of the Layouts, Media, and Playlists that you will assign and use within a specific Schedule.

As a next step, click on the "+Add" button and use the drop-down menu to choose between a Layout, Media or Playlist category in the "New Event" window that appears. Once you pick a content category (ie a Layout), a new drop-down menu appears from which you can select the specific Layout, Media or Playlist you want to use in your schedule.

-To change the Layout, Media or Playlist you want to schedule, click on the arrow next to the "Content" option.

-To set the Start Date and Time you want your Layout, Media or Playlist displayed, fill in the information in the "First Start" box. To schedule the time, click on the clock icon.

-To set the End Date and Time for the content you will display, again fill in the information in the "First Stop" box. To schedule the time, click on the clock icon.

-The next box, "Repeat", indicates the frequency your layout, media or playlist will be displayed. Click to choose one of the options provided:

  • Once, if you want your Layout, Media or Playlist to playback during specific hours on a specific day/date only.
  • Daily, if you want to set which days of the week you want your Layout, Media or Playlist to playback.
  • Weekly, if you want your Layout, Media or Playlist to be displayed once per week.
  • Monthly, if you want your Layout, Media or Playlist to be displayed once per month.
  • Yearly, if you want your Layout, Media or Playlist to be displayed once per year.

-Finally, " Repeat Until" indicates the time-frame you want to set your schedules for. You can either set a specific date and time or click "End of time"  so that your schedule will be always displayed as indicated.


The Turned Off option will play Daily (you can choose the days that the layout will play) from 16:15:32 until 17:15:32 and will repeat until the "End of time".

Clicking "Save" will create your schedule.

Another Schedule example: 

After creating a schedule, you should go to the Monitor settings and apply the schedule you have created to the Monitor, as seen below.

Keep in mind that the default content of the Monitor will only be used to fill in any empty time-slots in the assigned Schedule.

  1. Added an event from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM for "show5". 
  2. Added another event from 12:00 PM to 12:15 PM for "show_all". Making sure to adjust the order of the Layouts on the right, so that the "show_all" has greater priority than "show5", as seen below:

  3. After saving the new schedule, make sure you have assigned it to your Monitor from the Monitor configuration. Do not forget to press the "Push to Players" button.

(info)With the above configuration:
  • the show5 will play from 9:00-12:00 
  • show_all will play from 12:00-12:15 (because show_all has greater priority over show5) and
  • show5 will continue to play from 12:15 until 5:00

Regarding the priority that you give your Schedule's content, "show_all" will overlap with "show5" when the time comes to start playing the layout, but because you have given it greater priority (you placed it at the top of the schedule's hierarchy), "show_all" will play instead of "show5".

Schedules have priority over Default Content. If a Layout, Media or Playlist is assigned as Default Content on the Monitor and a Schedule is also assigned, the Default Content will be displayed on the screen during gaps in the Schedule as the Schedule takes priority.

Turning On/Off your Screen

In the Schedule section, there is an option that appears in the list of all available/created events in your account and it is the "Turned Off" option. Setting this in a Schedule results in your monitor automatically turning off.

Kindly take a look here for further information.

Video Tutorial

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