4.5.1 Documents Folder View

By activating folder view, you have the potential to easily organize and manage numerous Document files.

Moving from left to right, you can see your “Media Folders” on the left, the “Folder Documents” in the middle and “Document Actions” / “Folder Actions” on the right.

  1. Media Folders. In this section, all the created folders can be viewed.
  2. Folder Documents. The content of each selected folder is displayed in this section.

You also have the ability to search for a specific Document file using the search tool.

Document Actions

1.Adding a Document to a folder

To add a single PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint file to a folder, you click on the “+ Add Document” button found on the right side of your screen. As a next step you are requested to provide:

– the name of the Document file
– an optional description for it
– there is a “choose” button where you actually select the Document file you want

Clicking “Save” will upload the Document file to the folder.

2. Adding Multiple Document Files to a Folder

To add multiple document files at once to a folder, click on the “+ Add Document” button. In the file selection dialog box that shows up, keep the Ctrl button on your keyboard pressed and click to select as many Document files as you want and they will be automatically uploaded. To select multiple Document files that are contiguous, click on the first Document file you want to add, press the Shift button on your keyboard, and click on the last in the block of Document files you want and all the documents in between will also be automatically uploaded.

3. Editing a Document file in a folder.

You can rename the Document file, change its description or simply substituteit for another PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint file under the same name. By doing so, the specific Document file will be automatically replaced by the new one in any playlist or show that it has been already added to.

4.Editing Multiple Document Files in a Folder (Bulk Edit)

To edit multiple document files at once in a folder, check the document files that you want to edit and click the Edit button in one of them. By doing so, a new window will pop up with all the settings (Remove Tags, Add tags, Play Since, Play Until).

5. Duplicate a Document

Create a copy of this document file.

6. Moving selected item/Document from one folder to another

With this button, you can move the Document file of your choice to another folder by clicking on the PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint file, then selecting the new destination folder and clicking “move”.

7. Deleting a Document/Multiple Document files from a folder

Click on the “Delete Document” button after selecting a PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint file to be deleted. By deleting a Document file from a folder, it will not be available in the Portal for future use. It will be also automatically removed from any playlist or show that contains it. You can also delete multiple Document files. Click on the Document files you want and press the delete button.

Folder Actions

1. Adding a New Folder

To add a new folder, simply click on the green button on the bottom-right side of the screen, name your folder and click “ok”.

With this feature, you can create either a new folder as the Base Folder or a sub-folder in an existing folder.

2. Renaming a Folder

To rename a folder click on it first, then click on the “rename current folder” button, fill in the new name under which you want it to appear and press “ok”.

3.Moving a Folder

Click on the “move folder” action in order to move the selected item to the Base folder (if not already there) or to another folder as a sub-folder.

4. Deleting Current Folder and Contents

To delete a folder or sub-folder together with its contents/videos, click on the “delete current folder and contents” button on the bottom-right side of the screen. This will permanently remove the folder and the video it contains from the Portal.