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Date & Time

A digital clock displays the date and time based on Player location. Also, you can adjust the size to fit your layout.

Daily Weather

Show the current weather followed by the week’s weather forecast using data from OpenWeather. Or opt for a 3-day forecast, for the selected location.

Current Weather

Display current weather data from OpenWeather. Just click to choose the location you want.

Hourly Weather

Display the weather forecast in three-hour increments using data from OpenWeather. Choose the location you want with a single click.

Analog Clock

An analog clock widget shows the time based on Player location.

Rich Text

Add formatted static text on your screen.

Custom RSS

Use any RSS link to display news on your screens.


Display your Instagram pictures in a slideshow or a wall easily. Just login with your Instagram account and style your widget with your preferences.

Counter Up/Down

A simple timer that either counts up from an event or down to a deadline. You can also adjust the size.

Google News

Display news from Google News on your screens.


Display Twitter posts on your screens in a wall or slideshow format.


Show news feeds from CNN to keep your viewers informed with up to date content for your screens.


Add news feeds from BBC and show them on your screens. Turn your TVs into an info hub.


Add news from ESPN as content for your screens.

Google Calendar

Show your Google Calendar on your screens and display meeting room bookings or events.

Hashtag Wall

Display posts from Instagram & Twitter that have a specific Hashtag. Show trending topics on your screens.


Add lists from your Trello account to your screen.

Al Jazeera

Display news feeds from Al-Jazeera on your screens.


Show your Chargebee data dashboards on your screen.


Add RSS or static scrolling text as content on your screens.

Power BI

Display business analytics content from your Power BI account.


Show payment analytics dashboards from your Putler account on your screens.


Display events from your Shedul account on your screens.


Show accounting data dashboards from your Xero account on your screens.


Add financial reports from your Fathom account to your screens.


Display dashboards from BareMetrics.


Add productivity tool reports from your Zoho account to your screens.


Display project management info from your Zenkit account on your screens.


Show the Quote of the Hour/Day/Week/Month generated from the Wikipedia Quotes page.

QR Code

Add QR codes to your screens for customers to scan with their phones.


Show your team’s tasks from your Asana account as content by simply linking to the project you want to display. Set how often you want data to refresh.

Calendar Events Feed

Display a feed with all events from a single or multiple calendars. It is ideal for checking out your daily schedule, using it outside of meeting rooms, or displaying the session schedule for events.


Web Integration for

Daily/Weekly Calendar

Use this Widget to display any calendar in a daily or weekly grid-like layout. You can add multiple calendars – the Widget will show events from all of them.

Embed Widget

Display embedded iframe widgets by simply pasting the HTML iframe code.

Monthly Calendar

Use this Widget to display any calendar in a monthly grid-like layout. You can add multiple calendars and assign a different color to each – the Widget will show all events from all calendars using the right color.

World Clock

Customize the world clock widget, setting the image you like depending on the region you select, plus fonts and colors.

My Dashboard

Display your Yodeck dashboard on your screen and get all the info about your digital signage deployment, at a glance.

Engage your audience with social media content that increases brand awareness at events, on displays and on your website.

Facebook Page Feed

Display Facebook page feed in a slideshow or a wall easily. Just login with your Facebook account , select a Facebook page from the list of pages you own and style the widget your preferences.

Facebook User Feed

Display your personal Facebook feed in a slideshow or a wall easily. Just login with your Facebook account and style the widget your preferences.
qube signage


Display Queue Management information


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yodeck is absolutely free if you use 1 screen.
If you will be using more than 1 Player, then you need to get a paid subscription.
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