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Streamline project management with Trello Integration

Enhance your project management workflow by integrating Trello with Yodeck. Organize tasks, collaborate effectively, and keep everyone on the same page through your digital signage displays.

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Improve project management easily!

  • Add the Trello app from the app gallery.
  • Name your widget (required) and add an optional description.
  • Log in to your Trello account using your Email Address and Password.
  • Choose the Refresh Interval in seconds.
  • Paste the URL of your Trello board in the Enter URL field.
  • Select a Fallback Image for web page loading issues.
  • Set the Default Duration for widget display in playlists.
  • Optionally, schedule Play From/Play Until for expiration.
  • Click Save, and your app is ready to use.


How can using the Trello app help you?

Efficient task management

Utilize Trello’s intuitive task boards to efficiently manage and visualize your projects. From to-do lists to progress tracking, with the Trello app for digital signage, your team can easily stay organized.

Seamless collaboration

Foster collaboration among team members by sharing Trello boards on your digital signage screens. Everyone will be able to access project updates, deadlines, and priorities at a glance.

Real-time updates

Changes made within Trello boards are reflected in real-time on your digital signage screens. Ensure that your displays always showcase the latest project status and information to keep everyone updated.

Customizable displays

Tailor the appearance of your Trello boards to match your brand identity and display preferences. Create visually appealing displays that will fully resonate with your audience.

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