Add a sophisticated touch with the Analog Clock App

Utilize the Analog Clock App to effortlessly keep everyone on schedule while adding a classic touch to your digital signage screens. With its timeless design, the Analog Clock App seamlessly blends the charm of traditional analog clocks with the convenience of digital technology.

analog clock on screen


Classic and timeless in just a few steps!

  • Add the Analog Clock app from the app gallery.
  • Provide a ”Name” and an optional ”Description” for the app.
  • Set the ”Background Color”, ”Fill”, and ”Stroke”.
  • Choose your ”Timezone” or let the app display the time based on your device’s timezone.
  • Set the default duration for the app in a playlist.
  • Set Play From/Play Until parameters to choose when the app will play in your playlist or show. Select an expiration date or use the “Always” and “Forever” option for no expiration.
  • Click ”Save” and you’re ready!


How can using the Analog Clock app help you?

Timeless elegance

The Analog Clock app features vintage aesthetics, creating a visually pleasing focal point. The smooth, continuous movement of the clock’s hands adds sophistication, attracting those who love classic design elements.

Simple perception

The Analago Clock app will offer an easy-to-understand representation of time through the positioning of hour and minute hands. Visitors can quickly grasp the time at a glance, reducing any confusion or misinterpretation.

Enhanced visual engagement

The captivating movement of the Analog Clock app captures the attention of passersby. As they become engrossed in its rhythmic motion, a more lasting impression of the displayed content is formed, enhancing the overall experience.

Customizable designs

You can easily customize the Analog Clock app to make it match your brand and the environment of your business. Options for different designs and themes enable seamless integration with the overall aesthetic of the digital signage display.

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