Inform and Engage your audience with the CBC App

Integrate the CBC app into your Yodeck digital signage displays to provide your audience with a reliable news experience, keeping them engaged and well-informed with the latest news from a trusted and renowned news organization.

CBC logo on screen


Elevate digital signage with the CBC app

  • Click on the CBC News RSS app within your app gallery to add it.
  • A Name is required for the app and an optional Description.
  • Select the News type that you want to display.
  • Set the Refresh Rate to determine how frequently the RSS app updates the posts from the feed.
  • Configure the Number of Posts to determine how many posts will be displayed.
  • Adjust the Post Duration to set the slide duration for each post (minimum 5 seconds).
  • Select the desired Style setting.
  • Click ”Save” and you’re done!

Yodeck app dashboard


How can using the CBC app help you?

A trusted news source

Enter the world of a wide range of news content from CBC, a trustworthy news organization, ensuring your viewers receive reliable and accurate information.

Varied content offering

Engage your audience with a variety of news topics, stories, and multimedia elements such as videos, images, and interviews, providing a well-rounded news experience.

Customizable display

Design the CBC app to align with your brand identity, allowing you to create a more personalized display that integrates seamlessly with your digital signage content.

Local and Global coverage

Offer a combination of local and global news to serve the interests and needs of your viewers, ensuring they receive a comprehensive view of both regional and international events.

Yodeck badges and awards

Yodeck is voted as the Leader in software digital signage for the year 2023 in multiple platforms as Capterra and G2.


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