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Embrace weather awareness with the Daily Weather app

Keep your audience informed and prepared for the days ahead by displaying the Daily Weather app, designed to deliver comprehensive and accessible weather forecasts on digital signage screens.

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Create an informative environment easily!

  • Add the ”Daily Weather” app from the app gallery.
  • Provide a ”Name” and an optional ”Description” for the app.
  • Opt for ”Player’s Physical Location” or disable and pick a map spot.
  • Type a ”Location Header” for your weather app.
  • Select the number of ”Days for Forecast”.
  • Select ”Temperature” units
  • Choose the ”Language” from the dropdown list.
  • Set the ”Color Theme” and ”Font”.
  • Set the ”Default Duration”.
  • Click ”Save” and you’re done.


How can using the Daily Weather app help you?

Full weather forecast

Keep your audience informed about the upcoming week with a detailed daily weather forecast on your digital signage. The Daily Weather app offers a clear and concise presentation of temperature changes, precipitation, and other important weather data.

Visual weather insights

Elevate your display’s visual allure by incorporating captivating weather visuals that encapsulate the week’s forecast. These dynamic animations allow viewers to intuitively grasp the upcoming weather trends, fostering a deeper connection with the information.

Informed planning

Empower your audience to make informed choices by providing them with a detailed overview of the daily weather. From dressing appropriately to planning outdoor activities, the app equips viewers with valuable insights for a seamless day.

Consistent engagement

Foster consistent engagement with your digital signage by offering relevant and constantly updated information. The Daily Weather app ensures your displays remain informative and attractive, encouraging viewers to return for daily updates.

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