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Empower your digital signage with the World Clock app

Jump into a world of worldwide connection and smooth synchronization with the World Clock app on digital signs. Experience the multiple benefits of easy planning, and personalization that make it a must-have tool for businesses all around the world.

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Display multiple time zones effortlessly!

  • Add the ”World Clock” app from the app gallery.
  • Provide a ”Name” and an optional ”Description” for the app.
  • Choose ”Language” from the dropdown list.
  • Toggle to ”ON” if you want to hide ”Date” and ”City”.
  • Choose the ”Time Format”.
  • Upload an image from your PC if you want it to be displayed as a background.
  • Select the ”Time Color”, ”Background Color”, and ”Font Color”.
  • Set the ”Font Size”, ”Font Family”, ”Font Style”, and ”Font Weight”.
  • You can set the ”Play From/Play Until” parameters.
  • Click ”Save” and you’re done.


How can using the World Clock app help you?

International unity

By showcasing the current time across multiple locations, you will bridge geographical gaps. The World Clock app facilitates seamless communication and coordination among teams, partners, and clients around the world, eliminating confusion stemming from different time zones.

Enhanced visuals

Enhance the visual experience of your audience with a dynamic display of world clocks on your digital signage screens. These clocks will serve as a functional and aesthetic tool, providing viewers with an instant snapshot of time differences and aiding in efficient scheduling.

Efficient planning

Simplify scheduling across time zones with the accurate and synchronized time information provided by the World Clock app. Whether it’s organizing virtual meetings, coordinating product launches, or managing global events, this app ensures everyone is on the same temporal page.

Fully customizable

Tailor the World Clock app to fully match your brand identity and design preferences. By choosing relevant cities or regions to showcase on your digital signage screens, you will offer a personalized touch that will keep your audience engaged and informed.

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