Track events with precision using Counter Up/Down Integration

Elevate your event management abilities with the Counter Up/Down app on your digital signage screens. Effortlessly track and display event counts, timers, and milestones with precision.

Counter Up/Down logo on screen


Track events easily!

  • Add the Counter Up/Down app from the app gallery.
  • Name your app (required) and add an optional Description.
  • Select the Font and Background Color of the app.
  • Select the Counter Type. Choose between Up or Down.
  • Add the text that want to be displayed.
  • Add the Event Start or End Date and Time.
  • Set the Default Duration for app display in playlists.
  • Click Save and your app is ready to use.


How can using the Counter Up/Down app help you?

Accurate event tracking

Use the Counter Up/Down app on your digital signage screens to accurately track events. Ensure precision in your event management.

Visual countdowns

Enhance audience engagement by displaying visual countdowns to upcoming events, product launches, or promotions. Create anticipation and excitement among viewers.

Real-time updates

Display event counts and timers in real-time on your digital signage screens. Keep your audience informed about progress and deadlines.

Customized displays

Customize the appearance of the app to match your branding and design preferences. Create visually appealing displays that resonate with your audience.

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