Show dynamic visuals with the Online Slideshow app

Capture your viewers’ attention and deliver messages effectively by using the Online Slideshow app on your digital signage screens. Create stunning visual presentations that leave a lasting impact and boost engagement.

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Display powerful visuals in just a few steps!

  • Add the Online Slideshow app from the app gallery.
  • Name your app (required) and add an optional description.
  • Select the Fit option of the images on your screen.
  • Select the Animation type.
  • Set the Background Color.
  • Add Image URLs and specify their display duration.
  • Set the Default Duration for app display in playlists.
  • Optionally, schedule Play From/Play Until for expiration.
  • Click Save and your app is ready to use.


How can using the Online Slideshow app help you?

Engaging visuals

The Online Slideshow app will allow you to craft visually stunning presentations, making it easy to showcase products, promotions, or stories in a captivating and engaging way.

Flexible content updates

With the Online Slideshow app, you can keep your content fresh and relevant by easily updating slideshows, ensuring your audience is always informed and engaged.

Scheduled displays

You can program your content schedule with timed slideshows, enabling you to target specific messages to different audience segments throughout the day.

Interactive touchpoints

By using the Online Slideshow app, you will encourage interaction by integrating interactive elements into your slideshows, such as QR codes or touchable hotspots.

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