Easily find your way using the Google Traffic app

Enhance your viewers’ daily commute experience by featuring the Google Traffic app on your digital signage displays. Keep your audience informed about the most up-to-date traffic conditions, empowering them to plan their journeys with efficiency and ease.

google traffic logo on screen


Display real-traffic info easily!

  • Add the ”Google Traffic” app from the app gallery.
  • Provide a ”Name” and an optional ”Description”.
  • Paste the ”Latitude” and ”Longitude” coordinates from your browser’s address bar.
  • Set the ”Zoom” level.
  • Optionally, choose a ”Fallback Image” for web page loading failure.
  • Set the Default Duration that the app will appear in a playlist.
  • Click ”Save” and you’re done.


How can using the Google Traffic app help you?

Real-time traffic updates

Notify your viewers with up-to-date traffic information directly on your digital signage. The Google Traffic app will offer live updates on traffic congestion, accidents, and road closures, helping viewers make informed decisions and choose the best routes.

Route optimization

Yodeck’s Google Traffic app for digital signage allows you to display alternative routes and detours to help travelers avoid traffic jams and delays. Enhance their journey with timely route recommendations.

Arrival time estimates

Use Yodeck’s Google Traffic app for digital signage to provide accurate arrival time estimates based on current traffic conditions. Travelers can plan their schedules more effectively, reducing stress and uncertainty.

Customized displays

With Yodeck’s Google Traffic app, you can customize the display of traffic data to fully align with your branding and design preferences. Create visually appealing and informative displays for travelers.

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