Display customized content with the Custom RSS app

Elevate your audience’s digital signage experience with the incredibly versatile Custom RSS app. Showcase a tailored news feed that aligns precisely with your unique content requirements, resulting in effective audience engagement and interaction.

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Share any news feed on your screens easily!

  • Add the Custom RSS app from the app gallery.
  • Choose a ”Name” and an optional ”Description”.
  • Paste the RSS feed URL.
  • Set the number of posts to display.
  • Configure the slide duration for each post (minimum is 5 seconds).
  • Choose the refresh rate for the RSS app to update posts from the feed.
  • Customize your RSS app’s size, font color, and background color.
  • Set the Default Duration for the app in a playlist.
  • Click ”Save” and you’re done.


How can using the Custom RSS app help you?

Personalized content

Leverage the power of RSS feeds to curate and display content that aligns with your brand and target audience. The Custom RSS app offers endless news content possibilities for digital signage displays, from industry news and blog posts to sports and financial analysis.

Fully customizable

Customize the appearance and layout of your RSS feeds to match your brand’s aesthetics and create a better visual digital signage experience. Customize the fonts, colors, and styles to ensure seamless integration with your overall brand identity.

Real-time updates

The Custom RSS app enables you to display real-time news updates on your digital signage screens, ensuring your audience receives fresh and relevant information as it happens, keeping them engaged and connected.

Engaging atmosphere

With the Custom RSS app, you can create a more immersive and engaging atmosphere for your audience that will leave a lasting impact while significantly enhancing your overall communication efforts.

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