Birthday messages on signage screens

Display birthday messages on signage screens automatically, with no manual input. Make your employees feel valued on their special day. Put a smile on their face as soon as they get to work! Also, it’s quick and easy to do.

Birthday messages on signage screens

See it in action!


Get birthday messages on signage screens in seconds!

  • First, click on ‘Apps’ in the Yodeck dashboard.
  • Then, select ‘Add App’, click on the ‘All’ tab, and choose ‘Birthday Notification’.
  • Type the name you want to give the app in the ‘Name’ field.
  • In the ‘Your wish’ field, type the birthday message you want to appear on your screens.
  • Then, import your CSV file with all birthdates of your team members.
  • Also, select the style settings you prefer, including the font, font color and background color.
  • Set the Default Duration that the app will appear in a Playlist.
  • Click ‘Save’, and you’re done.


How can using our Birthday App help you?

It’s an automated process

All you need to do is import a file with your colleagues’ birthdays. Then, set up your app in just a few clicks and you’ll see personalized birthday messages on signage screens. Most importantly, you don’t have to manually create birthday wishes on the day – so your teams save time.

Customize your message

You can choose the type of font you want to use, as well as the color for both the name and message. Also, you can select the background color. It’s a great way to make your message stand out, and you can also add a touch of branding to reinforce that more corporate look.

Make employees feel valued

The happiness of your employees is one of your top priorities. So make them feel special on their birthday! Delight them as soon as they get to work and they’ll appreciate your birthday wishes.

Content appears only when there’s a birthday

You don’t have to worry about creating placeholder content as messages appear on screen only if there’s a birthday on that date. So content creation gets streamlined for your digital signage screens with our app.

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