Sales & Promotional Digital Signage

  • Spur more purchases
  • Upsell and cross-sell products effectively
  • Promote new products
  • Advertise upcoming promotions
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Display media files on TV as sales signage content

  • Guarantee that your sale, promotion or service gets noticed by the right people, at the right time. When you sales signage on TV, your message stands out, so you make sure customers come in.
  • In a world dominated by visual communication, using videos, images, web pages and PDF files as digital signage, content will pack more of a branding punch than simple text. Don’t let your promotions get lost in the digital crowd.
  • Digital signage solutions make it easy to update images, display YouTube videos and create visually engaging and effective Playlists. All businesses, from shops to restaurants and hotels, can play media files on TV and benefit from digital signage.

Ways you can use sales signage to delight
your viewers

Display images, to maximize the impact of your message

Show your customers, guests or students what sales, promotions or services you offer, by displaying photos on your TV screen. Additionally, the power of a well-chosen stock image or photo you take yourself is priceless. Pick from thousands of free stock images, from top services, using our Image Gallery.

Show videos, to grab the attention of viewers

Use videos to show your business, product or service in action. Also, simply copy & paste YouTube links or drag & drop your saved video files into our Portal, to get videos on screen in seconds. Moreover, PowerPoint files get converted to videos, so you can retain animations and transitions and “wow” corporate audiences.

Add pivotal web pages to your digital signage content

Make your website pull double duty and display your most important web pages on digital screen. Also, you can set web pages to refresh at specific intervals, to keep all info up to date. When you sales signage on TV, you can take advantage of all the visual communication you already rely on.

Get your PDF flyers on screen

Show flyers saved as PDF or Word files on your TV screens, as digital signage content. Therefore, you can save money by maximizing your marketing efforts. By displaying document files on advertising display, you retain your branding and keep traditional and digital advertising streamlined. Moreover, you just drag & drop files into our Portal from your PC.

Combine media files to create one spectacular Playlist

Unite the unparalleled power of images, videos and PDF promo flyers, in a digital signage Playlist that attracts viewer attention. Let your digital signage content tell a compelling story that helps boost sales and brand loyalty. Also, creating a Playlist takes mere seconds, with our drag & drop features.

In-transit communication

Impress viewers with media-rich screen layouts

Create screen layouts that dazzle your viewers, using all types of media files. Additionally, you can rely on one of our professionally-designed, free screen layout templates, to create amazing content in seconds. Moreover, templates are fully customizable, so you can incorporate your branding.

Benefits of playing sales signage

  • Boost your profits.
    Upselling and cross-selling happens automatically when you play media files on TV as digital signage content.
  • Update media files centrally, so you don’t need to go to each location.
    Simply go online, upload new content and apply all your changes in one place.
  • Maximize brand awareness.
    Displaying media files on screen helps you show people the value of your brand. The power of visual communication also guarantees they notice you and your message.
  • Upload new files in seconds.
    It only takes a few clicks to play media files on TV with our drag and drop features.
  • Save money and the environment when you play media files on TV.
    Use your screens instead of printing and distributing traditional promotional flyers and advertisements.
  • Engage your viewers.
    Images and videos grab attention quickly and spur purchases.

Free, user-friendly templates for all industries

Our professionally designed free templates help you play promotional and sales signage, quickly and easily. Also, they’re fully customizable, so you can add your branding or helpful, free, news or traffic apps!

Added-value resources for Promotional & Sales Signage

Why Yodeck

Easy to Use

Drag & drop all your saved media files, such as images, videos and docs, into the Yodeck Portal and they’re ready to be shown on digital display screen. Also, you can choose from thousands of free stock images or copy & paste your YouTube links.

Affordable Price

Take advantage of an extremely affordable pricing model with free, complete Yodeck Players for annual plans. We also offer special pricing when you deploy a large number of digital display screens.

Remote screen management

Display all content remotely. Use our online Portal on your laptop, and play media files on TV screens in seconds. You no longer have to physically update each screen.

Free apps and layout templates

Enjoy free, professionally-designed apps and screen layout templates. Displaying news feeds and weather forecasts along with images and videos takes seconds to do and looks great.

Stellar security features

Use enterprise-grade security tools, such as Player secure lockdown and storage encryption, to keep your confidential data safe and tamper-proof. That way you know your digital signage screen meet all your strict security standards.

Remote Support

Get hassle-free troubleshooting with Yodeck’s free remote-access tech support. Our experts want to help you!