About us

Yodeck is a next-generation digital signage service, born and raised on the Cloud.

It comes with all the hardware and software needed so you can instantly get started designing, scheduling and managing your displays with the minimum of fuss.

Meet the team!

We are a dedicated team of fathers, mothers, techies, coders, content lovers and couch potatoes, and just about everything in between.

Nikos Kapetanos

Nikos Kapetanos
Lead Engineer, Backend

Michalis Dimitriou
Lead Engineer, Frontend

Vangelis Mihalopoulos

Vangelis Mihalopoulos

Valentine Konstantis
Software Engineer

Kalia Kampouri
Customer Success Manager

Eirini Angeloudi
Software Engineer

Christos Georgiou
Software Engineer

Kostas Sveronis

Kostas Sveronis
Support Engineer

Kelly Paschalaki
Customer Success Manager

Aspasia Bourazeri

Aspa Bourazeri
Front-end developer

Christina Condomaros

Christina Condomaros
Digital Content Specialist

Dionisis Zacharopoulos
Front-end Developer


Charis Kyriakou
Front-end Developer

Vasilis Depastas
Business Development Manager

Dimitris Tsingos

Administration & Marketing

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Security: A top priority for Yodeck
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Digital signage dwell time can make or break your business. No joke. Read more

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