Attract all sports fans using the ESPN app

Stay ahead of the competition and keep sports enthusiasts informed, entertained, and connected to the world of sports using the ESPN news app. Elevate your digital signage displays by integrating this powerful app, delivering the latest sports news, real-time scores, game analysis, and more.

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Share the latest sports news in just a few steps!

  • Add the ESPN app from the app gallery.
  • Provide a ”Name” and an optional ”Description”.
  • Choose a ”News” category from the dropdown list.
  • Set the Maximum News Posts to determine how many posts will be displayed.
  • Configure the Slide Duration to determine how long each post will be shown (minimum is 5 seconds).
  • Set the refresh rate of the RSS app to determine how often it updates posts from the feed.
  • Customize the Font Size, Font Color, and Background Color.
  • Specify the Default Duration that the app will appear in a playlist.
  • Click Save to finalize and start using your app.


How can using the ESPN app help you?

Live sports updates

By displaying real-time sports updates, game schedules, and the latest scores on your digital signage screens you will ensure your audience stays connected and informed about breaking news from the world of sports and they never miss a moment of the action.

Trusted source

Using the ESPN app to display the latest sports news, you can ensure that your viewers stay informed with reliable and trustworthy updates from a reliable sports news source. This engagement will help you create a stronger connection with your audience.

Engaging atmosphere

Elevate your digital signage displays and provide an enhanced visual experience by showcasing thrilling sports videos, captivating images, and engaging sports stories from the ESPN news app. This will help cultivate a more immersive atmosphere and effectively engage your viewers.

Fully customizable

Customize the ESPN app to make sure that fully aligns with your brand and your audience’s sports interests. Choose from a wide range of sports categories to guarantee relevant and engaging content that will captivate your viewers.

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