How it works

Get content on your screens, in 3 simple steps, with Yodeck.


Create your free account

Sign up for free with just your name and email. No credit card, billing or mailing address required. Go ahead, take a look around. You can now access all our features, and even follow our quick, helpful tours that show you how easy it is to get media, playlists and layouts on screens, in seconds. And remember, Yodeck is forever free if you run just one screen.


Get your Yodeck Player

The Yodeck media player makes setup a breeze. Get it from us, and we’ll pre-configure your WiFi credentials for you, so it’s ready to use, right out of the box. Also, we’ll do all the work to make it automatically connect to your account when you plug it in. So you can put your screens to work right away.


Connect it to your screen

Plug the HDMI to micro HDMI cable (it’s included when you order from us) into the left port of the player and connect the other end to your TV. Then, plug in the player’s power supply, and it will automatically turn on. That’s it. Now, all you need is some great content to wow your viewers. And that’s easy to do, too.


Get media on your screens
in just a few clicks

Show eye-catching media on your TVs with the push of a button. Just drag & drop your own media into the platform (or choose from thousands of free stock images and videos), and then click ‘Push to Players’. On the go? Get content on screens, no matter how far from your TVs you are, using our online platform.

A closer look at how Yodeck works

See Yodeck in action, for free, using your web browser

Create digital signs RIGHT NOW, using all our features, for free, on your screens. Just use Chrome or Edge and turn your PC’s browser into a Yodeck Web Player. Check out what Yodeck can do, and then buy.

  • You only need internet and a Chrome or Edge browser

Other supported media players

In addition to Yodeck’s media players, you can pair our software with a range of other popular hardware. This means more versatility that meets the needs of your deployment, and a seamless switch to Yodeck while keeping the hardware you use.

web digital signage player

Yodeck Web player

Recommended for instant setup or in cases where you prefer not to have external hardware. Great for pop-up events, or to see Yodeck in action in seconds.

BrightSign player

Already use BrightSign hardware for digital signage? Pair your existing setup with Yodeck’s easy-to-use, award-winning software, hassle-free.

Android player

Turn Android devices into digital signs with Yodeck. Already have an Android-based deployment? Switch to Yodeck, seamlessly.

Tizen player

To ensure smooth playback, use Yodeck software on any Tizen-powered device and benefit from an easy going CMS.

webOS player

Recommended for instant setup or in cases where you prefer not to have external hardware. Great for pop-up events, or to see Yodeck in action in seconds.

Amazon Firestick

Simplify your streaming with Fire TV Stick hardware. Connect it to your screen and convert it into a cordless digital sign with Yodeck.


Create your own player based on Windows with Yodeck software and elevate digital signage experience.

DIY Yodeck Player

Already own a Raspberry Pi? You can create your own Yodeck Player, by following these steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use Yodeck for free if you run just one screen. It’s a great way to check out our features, see the benefits, and then add all the screens and get all the media players you need for your business. Also, you’ll get a Yodeck media player for free with each Annual plan you subscribe to.

We accept credit cards for all subscriptions.

For Annual subscriptions, we also accept wire transfers.

Also, we can provide you with an invoice that you can then pay through a wire transfer to our US bank account. Let us know if you require such an arrangement.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not support PayPal.

If you have a deployment where you can’t install players, such as a pop-up event, you can use your tablet or PC’s Chrome or Edge browser and turn it into a Yodeck Web Player. Also, it’s a great way to check out what Yodeck can do, test out the features, and instantly create digital signs, before buying your media players.

You can use Yodeck software with all BrightSign media players. We also support Android devices such as smart TVs, TV boxes, smartphones, tablets and Chromecast that run Android version 5 or higher.

Absolutely not. Yodeck offers you a range of free features that help you create great content in minutes. From our free stock media galleries and easy to use Yodeck Apps, to our free professionally-designed and fully customizable screen layout templates, you’ll have all the tools you need to create attention-grabbing content.