Easy Conference Room Signage

Simplify room bookings, update teams and make navigation easy for guests, with meeting room digital signage.

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Why use conference room digital signage?

  • Meeting room digital signage helps teams stay on schedule and avoids admin bottlenecks. One glance at your digital signage screens means employees know if they can use the room, extend meetings or book a follow up slot.
  • Use your meeting room digital signage screens to communicate essential company information. Display images and videos advertising team-building activities, training opportunities or upcoming events.
  • Updates get displayed on screen, in real time with conference signs. Communicate meeting cancellations or room changes instantly, at the physical location where they would take place and avoid confusion.

How meeting room digital signage helps you streamline office organization

Display your existing Google Calendars, in seconds

Use the power of meeting room digital signage, without changing the way teams book rooms. Get your Google Calendars on your TV screens in just a few clicks, using our free, easy to use apps. Therefore, teams can just glance at your signage screens and know when a meeting finishes, who is attending and when they can book a free slot.

Show updates to meeting room schedules, in real time

Any schedule changes happen centrally; and TV screens get updated remotely. With our centralized and remote screen management platform, screens display updated and accurate information, in just a few clicks. Additionally, large organizations with a sprawling campus can set up many screens, without worrying about physically making content changes.

Add images and videos to your signage content, to engage employees

Digital signage for conference rooms also works as a communications hub in offices. Display images and videos in seconds, to advertise and promote corporate events, activities and educational opportunities. Also, you can use screens to inform teams of health and safety guidelines.

In-transit communication

Create an impressive screen layout with useful content

Use our free screen layout templates, to combine meeting room digital signage with news feeds, weather and traffic updates, and on-site menu promotions. Moreover, you can show PDF and Word files with company news and updates, on the same screen as your meeting room digital signage. Save time by using content your teams have already created.

Use meeting room digital signage during corporate events

Promote your company using your signage screens, when you host industry events, conferences or recruitment days. Firstly, your screens will help guests find their way to the right room, while on-site. Secondly, use your signage to promote your corporate values, outreach programs and hiring opportunities. You can also advertise upcoming conferences or lectures.

Help keep your teams safe in emergencies

All corporate environments need an emergency evacuation plan or a way to communicate safety alerts to employees. And your signage screens can double as an emergency alert system. Thus, your meeting room screens can help people evacuate, using CAP alerts or our emergency alert features.

Benefits of meeting room digital signage

  • Enhance office organization.
    With meeting room signage, all teams know what’s booked, what’s free and when meetings take place.
  • Update room bookings centrally
    You don’t need to go to each location. Simply update your calendar and apply all your changes from our digital signage platform.
  • Maximize cooperation.
    Help teams focus on their tasks, by making it easy for them to avoid interruptions during meetings. Additionally, with signage screens outside meeting rooms, employees know to keep the noise levels down.
  • Upload media content, in seconds.
    Display a variety of useful content on your meeting room screens. Moreover, it only takes a few clicks to add images and videos with our drag and drop features.
  • Save money and the environment.
    Use your screens instead of keeping a physical record for room bookings. Also, help your admin teams focus on important tasks and not waste time organizing meeting rooms.
  • Engage your employees.
    The power of visual communication helps you get important information across, in seconds.

Free, user-friendly meeting room digital signage templates

Our professionally designed, free templates help you display meeting room bookings as part of screen layouts, quickly and easily. Also, they’re fully customizable, so you can add your branding or helpful, free, weather or traffic apps!

Meeting digital signage template for conference rooms

Added-value resources for meeting room digital signage

Why Yodeck

Easy to Use

Our free calendar apps help you create meeting room signs in seconds. Also, you can display additional media content. So choose from thousands of free stock images or copy & paste your corporate YouTube video links.

Affordable Price

Our extremely affordable pricing model comes with free, complete Yodeck Player kits for annual plans. We also offer special pricing when you deploy a large number of screens.

Remote screen management

Update all calendars remotely. Use our online Portal on your laptop, and keep meeting room info accurate and on your screens. You no longer have to physically update each screen.

Free apps and layout templates

Enjoy free, professionally-designed apps and screen layout templates for your offices. You can also display corporate promo videos or event flyers in a great-looking branded layout in seconds.

Stellar security features

Enterprise-grade security features, such as Player secure lockdown and storage encryption, means our digital signage solution meets your corporate security requirements.


Get your hardware pre-configured with your WiFi credentials by us, at no extra cost. And you get the latest-model RPi Player with power adapters that fit your region’s voltage and plug specifications.