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Maximize Productivity with Digital Google Calendar Display

Effortlessly display events, meetings, and schedules with Yodeck’s Digital Google Calendar. Keep everyone informed and up to date, enhancing communication and productivity from corporate offices to educational institutions. Simply Sync it to your Yodeck account and get started!

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Display important meetings and schedules easily!

  • Go to the apps tab and add Google Calendar.
  • Give the app a name and an optional description.
  • Log into your Google account and set a refresh interval to update your calendar.
  • Choose the desired display time period for the calendar. Set a fallback image for offline player and define the default duration.
  • Keep ‘’availability’’ unticked if you don’t want to schedule the app or toggle it and set the start and expiration date.
  • Click save and the app will be ready to display!


How can using the Google Calendar app help you?

Team stays organized

Using Yodeck’s digital Google Calendar display screens helps teams stay organized by offering a centralized and visual representation of their schedules. Accessible to everyone, the calendar ensures everyone is on the same page.

Enhanced productivity

Yodeck’s digital Google Calendar app empowers employees to effectively prioritize tasks, manage their time efficiently, and meet deadlines and important meetings. This results in enhanced productivity and improved time management.

Real-time updates

Any modifications made within the Google Calendar app are instantly reflected on the digital signage screens, ensuring real-time updates for all viewers. This guarantees that everyone is equipped with the most current and accurate information.

Quick & easy

Integrating Google Calendar with Yodeck’s digital signage is a seamless and effortless process. This will enable you to set up and display schedules, events, or important meetings with minimal effort.

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