Grafana integration for digital signage

Get Grafana Cloud charts and graphs on screens with complete security using our Grafana integration for digital signage. Your sensitive, strategic data stays private, while you can display Grafana charts on signage TVs in seconds. Help your teams see the data they need so they can grow your business.

Grafana integration for digital signage

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Get the Grafana integration for digital signage on your screens

  • First, click on ‘Apps’ in the Yodeck dashboard.
  • Then, select ‘Add App’, click on the ‘Business’ tab, and choose ‘Grafana’.
  • Type the name you want to give the app in the ‘Name’ field.
  • Then, type your Grafana email address and password in the ‘Email address’ and ‘Password’ fields, in order to securely log in to your Grafana account. This step ensures that your Grafana dashboard remains private, and you do not have to convert it into a public URL.
  • Set the ‘Refresh Interval’ of your data using the arrows, so your dashboard always refreshes and displays data in real time.
  • Then, in the ‘Enter URL’ field, paste the private URL to the Grafana Cloud graph you want to display.
  • Click ‘Save’, and you’re done.


How can our Grafana
integration for digital signage help you?

Top notch security

You need security for your confidential business data. Our Grafana integration for digital signage delivers the guarantee your corporate security strategy requires. Specifically, all your charts and graphs remain private as you don’t use a publicly available URL to get your data on signage screens. Also, all passwords get hashed and secured so you don’t have to worry about your Grafana accounts getting compromised.

Show up-to-date data

Get data almost in real time as you set how often you want your charts and graphs to refresh. When your team strategizes, they need data they can use – and that means analyzing up-to-the-minute information. Using the ‘Refresh Interval’ option in our integration lets you decide how often updated critical information reaches signage screens across the company. It’s as easy as clicking a button.

Easy to include in screen layouts

Create screen layouts or playlists that maximize the amount of information you communicate to your teams. Easily include the Grafana integration in layouts or playlists, along with internal messages and weather alerts. You can therefore create signage content that sparks productivity and aligns with data-driven strategies for your business.

Show useful content during internet outages

Our integration lets you select a fallback image that appears on signage TVs in case your internet connection gets disrupted and Grafana can’t load. Select informative content, such as advertisements for training opportunities, in order to keep teams engaged with your company culture.

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