Ensure your audience is well-informed with the Guardian app

Use The Guardian app to create an informative and immersive atmosphere for your viewers. Display the latest breaking news, sports updates, business news, and analysis on your digital signage screens to ensure everyone stays educated about news from around the world.

The Guardian logo on screen


Effortlessly display news from your screens!

  • Add The Guardian app from the app gallery.
  • Provide a “Name” and an optional “Description” for the app.
  • Select the desired “News” type to display.
  • Choose the Refresh Rate for the RSS app, determining how often it updates the posts from the feed.
  • Configure the “Number of Posts” to specify how many posts to display.
  • Set the “Post Duration”, determining the duration of each post (minimum 5 seconds).
  • Select the desired “Style” setting.
  • Click “Save” and you’re done!


How can using the Guardian app help you?

Reliable source

Showcasing the Guardian app on your signage screens guarantees up-to-date global news from a highly reputable news source. Engage your viewers and provide them with reliable information through your signage screens.

Various news coverage

With the Guardian app, your viewers will have access to a diverse range of news topics, including breaking news, sports, business, and analysis. This enables you to offer varied content that caters to the individual interests of each viewer.

Engaging atmosphere

Create an engaging atmosphere for your audience by presenting captivating news content on your digital signage screens with the Guardian app, ensuring viewers are both informed and entertained.

Personalized display options

Customize the app to suit your preferences by configuring settings such as the number of posts, duration, and style. This will enable you to design a visually captivating display that aligns perfectly with your brand.

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