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Stay Up-to-date with News Apps

More news apps mean more ways to engage your customers! Elevate your displays with local & global news, real-time weather updates & more. Yodeck welcomes top channels like Fox News, CBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Sky News, Yahoo & Yahoo Finance, CTV & The Guardian. Enjoy our existing channels too: Google Alerts, Ticker, Al Jazeera, ESPN, BBC, CNN, Google News, & Custom RSS.


Steps to engage your customers!

  • First, click on “Apps” in the Yodeck dashboard.
  • Then, select “Add App”, click on the “News” tab, and select the “News App” you want to display on your digital signage screen.
  • Select which News Category you want to display.
  • Click “Save,” and you’re done.

Yodeck app dashboard


How can using News apps help you?

Boost engagement

Incorporate live content into your digital signage & enhance the overall impact. Stay aware of the weather updates, share thrilling sport moments, & encourage your audience to interact with your business.

Stay informed

Ensure that your audience is well-informed and engaged at all times. Empower your digital signage screens with a continuous stream of the most recent news and updates on the topics that matter most to them.

Flexibility & customization

Mix and match different news apps & sources to align with your specific needs and target audience. This capability ensures that your digital signage effectively supports your brand messaging goals fast and easily.

Real-time updates

Display breaking news & trending topics to provide real-time and location-specific information to your audience. This ensures that the content displayed on your digital signage remains fresh and relevant, increasing its value.

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