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From K – college, digital signage for education inspires students to participate, learn & belong. Create an unforgettable student experience.



Improved processing of visuals compared to text



Of education institutions see signage as vital

Free & easy digital signage templates
tailored to digital signage for education

Personalize our free, professionally designed layout templates with your school mascot & media to grab the attention of students, faculty and staff. Great for schedules, menu boards & updates.


Free apps tell your students’ story

Easily add custom campus news tickers and social media feeds that inform, delight & capture everything student life has to offer. Also, welcome new students and faculty, or greet visiting parents. Great for orientation week, campus tours, and sports events.

Effortlessly display school news with Yodeck

Run 1 screen for free, test our features

We want you to focus on your students, not your signage. Just drag & drop any pics, videos & docs into our platform. Then, it only takes one click to get it on screens across campus, with remote screen management.

Easy-to-create playlists and easy-to-customize free templates get your updates on screen & looking great in no time.

We also have a full library of short video tutorials, that take you from setup to expert user.

Just plug in our Yodeck Media Player and it works – no tech expertise required, we promise. Also, it’s robust and reliable – perfect for the wear & tear of school environments.

Most importantly, it’s custom-engineered for digital signage, which makes it the commercial-grade tech global organizations trust.

Trust our superb security features, which make our software and hardware tamper-proof. No senior prank worries with Yodeck.

Rely on firewall, SSL and password policies, as well as Player Lockdown and Encryption features.

Use your own photos and videos, or choose from thousands of free stock media from our Galleries.

Also, it only takes a few clicks to edit, update and display your content in real time, straight from our online platform, no matter where you are.

We offer unbeatable, feature-rich pricing plans that fit the budget of ALL schools and universities, starting at just $7.99/month/screen.

If you’re planning a large roll-out of digital signage for education, please contact us for special pricing.

Our expert tech support engineers are here for you every step of the way. Most importantly, contact or chat with us and we can help you remotely, to ensure your digital signage is a success.


New York University

Read about how New York University uses Yodeck throughout their Shanghai campus for live data updates. Yodeck’s quick and easy content updating made our platform their solution of choice. They also paired it with custom solutions, for added versatility and flexibility for their science departments.

Revolutionize the campus experience


Update students, faculty and parents about important news. Promote clubs, sports, plays & student support services.


Easily display schedules for each classroom, grade or campus-wide events. Use screens for helpful wayfinding.


Display TV news, or live-stream lectures and student council meetings in libraries. Promote community outreach programs.

Build community

Boost school spirit by showing pics of fun, inclusive student events. Encourage students to participate in school activities.

Keep students safe

Use your screens for emergency alerts. Display safety & evacuation guidelines remotely, in real time. Integrate with CAP.


Recognize sports & academic team wins, university admissions, and student achievements. Thank donors.