Instantly show any message to your employees

Forget overlooked emails and chats. Yodeck digital signs get your teams on the same page and save you time and resources.

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See productivity rise with office digital signage



Of employees are more willing to pay attention to colorful visuals

Free office digital signage templates

Our free screen layout templates are specifically designed to engage employees. So choose the perfect template for each corporate communication. They’re completely customizable, too.


Free apps help you tell your story

Easy to add, dynamic and flexible. Show useful, attention-grabbing content from a huge range of popular services, including Microsoft Suite apps, that people love and appreciate. A few clicks & it’s on screen.

Why choose Yodeck

Run 1 screen, forever free, and access ALL our features

Intuitive content features, such as our drag & drop capabilities, get your corporate media into our platform and on screen in seconds. Or choose from thousands of images and videos you’ll find in our free stock media galleries.

Also, drag & drop videos, images, docs, apps and screen layouts to create playlists that keep employees interested and engaged. Set schedules to crucially get the right info to the right teams, at the right time.

Security is paramount, for you and for us. That’s why multinational organizations trust Yodeck for their office digtial signage. Rely on enterprise-grade security features such as SSL, firewall and password policies, as well as Player lockdown and storage encryption. Most importantly, we ensure your data and hardware stay safe.

The Yodeck Media Player was expertly engineered from the ground up to provide organizations with a professional, secure and reliable digital signage solution.

It also saves your IT staff time and money, since it comes pre-configured with your Wi-Fi credentials, along with all the cables you need. So, they just plug it in and get content on TVs in minutes.

Designed to provide corporations with reliable, seamless playback of all media content. Get any content you need on screen in minutes, including images, videos, doc files of flyers and presentations, corporate YouTube videos and scrolling text.

Also, stream live conferences, career fairs and corporate events. Just use our TV Source App to alternate between digital signage and live TV. Or include live streaming as part of your screen layouts, and keep teams updated at all times.

Whether you’re a multinational organization planning a large office digital signage deployment, or you’re just starting out, we offer unbeatable prices. All plans are feature-rich, with a price tag that will make accounting smile.

Most importantly, you get free Yodeck Media Players when you subscribe to Annual plans. Also, reach out for special pricing if you require bulk subscriptions.


Swissport Corporate Digital Signage

This case study explains why Swissport chose Yodeck as the best corporate communications digital signage solution. Check out how our tech replaced traditional message boards and also boosts their teams’ productivity and engagement.

Strengthen corporate culture & boost productivity


Use office signage to effectively communicate corporate news, training opportunities and team-building events. Visuals make your message eye-catching and memorable.


Show data dashboards on your office digital display board and inspire teams to share know-how and successful strategies. Crucially, this motivates people and boosts productivity.


Corporate digital signs at reception and career fairs attract prospective employees. Also, celebrate team successes, promotions and anniversaries to showcase corporate culture.


Streamline bookings with meeting room signage, and make life easier, without confusion. Office room signs get updated in real time, to communicate changes.


Teams that laugh together, stay together. So show funny social media posts, team event and party videos. Or live-stream that cross-team ping-pong game.

Save time & money

Easy setup and content upload means you spend less time and money on installation and training. Also, our Dropbox and OneDrive playlists directly sync & display from existing folders.