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Visualize mission-critical data and analytics, in real time, to strengthen teamwork and meet KPI targets. Maximize performance and engagement.

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Why use digital signage dashboards?

  • Guarantee all your employees work with the right data, at the right time, in order to meet business targets and implement effective pivot strategies.
  • Visualize your business trajectory, in real time. Display overall stats or specific analytics, by selecting the data you need to work with. See the quantitative effects of strategic decisions.
  • Digital signage dashboards maximize collaboration across teams by keeping everyone working towards the same goal. Additionally, performance soars with increased team engagement.

Ways you can use digital signage dashboards

Display essential data dashboards

Display the data dashboards you rely on for day-to-day business decisions. Choose the exact time period or type of data you need to see on screen. Digital signage dashboards offer versatility, in terms of data visualization and chart selection.

Show team to-do lists

Guarantee everyone knows the daily tasks each team needs to complete, to stay on target. Additionally, get progress reports in real time as team members complete projects and assignments. Also, help project managers revise business plans to account for delays or disruptions.

See new business & churn rates

 Use your digital signage screens to see, in real time, how many new customers you attracted; or if the churn rate changed. Digital signage dashboards help you determine if new strategies lead to more profits.

Display office calendars

Improve office organization by displaying meeting room bookings and important events in common areas, like kitchens and lounges. Set up a TV screen outside each meeting room, for effective digital signage deployment in your office.

Engage employees with success stories

Using digital signage dashboards in offices means success stories get shared and celebrated instantly. Most importantly, the know-how behind these milestones becomes a shared strategy, across teams.

In-transit communication

Impress visitors and prospective employees

Make candidates excited to join your team, by showing non-confidential success stats in reception and waiting areas. Also, improve employee retention rates, by practicing business transparency using your screens.

Benefits of digital signage dashboards

  • Improve employee productivity.
    Nothing makes team members more committed to getting the job done than seeing their success publicly reflected in the latest stats.
  • Change your business strategy in real time. With all team members seeing the latest data on screen, making a course correction happens instantly, and with everyone’s brainpower.
  • Maximize performance.
    Use digital signage dashboards to give your employees the data they need, in real time. Most importantly, data dashboards help them do their job effectively and according to strategic targets.
  • Display your data dashboards on screen in seconds.
    It only takes a few clicks to get your data and analytics on your screens.
  • Strengthen collaboration and cooperation across teams.
    Don’t let critical data get buried in people’s inboxes. Use your digital signage screens to get everyone on the same page and working towards the same goals.
  • Show all the real-time analytics that are important to you.
    From ChartMogul to Google Analytics, and Trello to Xero, you can display all the data dashboards you love.

Free, user-friendly apps for digital signage dashboards

With just a few clicks, include data dashboards in screen layouts, playlists and more, quickly and easily. Check out our Gallery, so you can display your favorite service on your signage screens!


Added-value resources for digital signage dashboards

  • Display your Google Calendar in seconds and put your meeting room screen to work!
  • Learn why global leaders like Visma display data dashboards on digital signage screens.
  • Find out more about the benefits of showing digital signage dashboards like Google Analytics, Baremetrics and ChartMogul in offices.

Why Yodeck

Easy to Use

User-friendly apps make it a breeze for anyone to display all the popular data dashboards and analytics, in seconds. Furthermore, you just log in to your dashboard service and choose the data you want displayed.

Affordable Price

Take advantage of an extremely affordable pricing model with free, complete Yodeck Player kits for annual plans. Digital signage dashboards may require deploying many screens, so we also offer special pricing.

Remote screen management

Display all content remotely. Use our online Portal on your laptop, and show dashboards on thousands of screens in seconds. You don’t have to physically update each screen. Get all your employees focused on the same data even if they’re continents apart.

Free apps and layout templates

Enjoy free, professionally-designed apps and screen layout templates. Displaying news feeds and weather forecasts along with data dashboards and analytics takes seconds to do and looks great.

Stellar security features

Use enterprise-grade security tools such as Player secure lockdown and storage encryption to keep your confidential data safe and tamper-proof; so you know your digital signage screens meet your security standards.


Get your hardware pre-configured with your WiFi credentials by us, at no extra cost. And you get the latest-model RPi Player.