Features list

Compare our plans and get a detailed breakdown of our features list. Yodeck is one of the most feature-rich digital signage solutions that consistently delivers professional results. We aim to provide features that are extremely easy to use while maintaining affordability.


Add Images

Upload & Display Images (any format)
question mark Don't worry about resolutions or formats. Yodeck adapts your image files to work flawlessly on your Player.
Thousands of Free Stock Images to Use
question mark Don't have images of your own? Need a nice background photo? Just search through thousands of 100% free stock images from Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay to use on your screens.
In-app Image Editor
question mark You don't need a separate image editor to make small modifications.

Add Videos

Video Files
question mark Upload any video file from your computer, without worrying about resolutions or formats. Yodeck adapts your video to work flawlessly on your Player.
YouTube & YouTube Live Stream Video
question mark Have a YouTube video or YouTube Live stream you want to share on your screens? No problem. Just use the link and Yodeck will play it for you.
Live Video Streaming (incl. IPTV, LAN streams)
question mark If you have an IPTV solution or any other kind of live streaming source (e.g. HLS, RTP, or MPEG-TS stream), you can use it in Yodeck and display the video on your screens.
Rotate & Crop Videos
question mark Yodeck allows you to rotate and crop videos on the fly during playback. No need to prepare the file beforehand.
HDMI-in Support*
question mark You can use an extra HDMI-to-Ethernet video streaming device to include any HDMI feed on your Yodeck screens. Our suggested hardware is very affordable and works great.

Add Web Pages

Display Web Pages (Public or Internal)
question mark Put any data dashboard, web chart, or web page on your screens. Works with pages on the Internet or sites that only work inside your corporate network.
Form-based Authentication
question mark Automate authorization for websites.
Webpage Automation & Custom JS Implementation
question mark Easily fill out fields or click on web pages with our Scripting Engine, so that you get the right information you need on your screens. You can even run custom code inside the page and do whatever you want!
Configurable Browser Zoom In/Out
question mark Some pages just don't look right on a big screen. Yodeck allows you to set a page to zoom in or zoom out, so that it looks great.
Auto-Refresh Webpage
question mark Set a Web Page to periodically refresh and make sure you get the latest data you need.
Show Fallback Image If Webpage Is Unreachable
question mark The Internet connection may go down and your Player will no longer be able to load the web page. Show a fallback image, so that screens do not go blank or look unprofessional.
Preload Webpage for Instant Transitions
question mark Web pages might take a while to load. If you have a web page inside a Playlist, we preload the web page before showing it.

Add Audio Files

Upload & Playback Audio Files (any format)
question mark Upload any audio file you already have, without worrying about formats. Yodeck plays any kind of audio file without conversion, and outputs it to HDMI or to the audio jack.
Use Audio from YouTube Videos & YouTube Live
question mark Just paste in the link to a YouTube video or YouTube Live stream you want to use as audio only and Yodeck will play it for you.
Live Audio Streaming (incl. Internet Streams, LAN streams)
question mark If you have an audio streaming solution or any other kind of live streaming source (e.g.Internet radio streams), you can use it in Yodeck and playback the audio stream on your Players.

Add Documents

Upload & Display PDF Files
question mark Display PDF files and show one page after the other.
Upload & Display Powerpoint Files (.ppt & .pptx)
question mark Show Powerpoint files, displaying one slide after the other. No need to convert, we do the conversion for you. In the Documents section, Powerpoint files are shown as static slides while importing them in the Video section retains all animations and transitions.
Upload & Display Excel Files (.xls & .xlsx)
question mark Display Excel files, showing one page after the other. Just use page breaks to see how the spreadsheet will be displayed. We do the conversion for you.
Upload & Display Word Files (.doc & .docx)
question mark Use Word files, showing one page after the other. We do the conversion for you.
Set Display Time for Each Page
question mark All Documents are displayed as slides, and you can define the display duration for all slides, or even set a specific display duration for specific slides.
Upload PPT as Video (w/ Animations & Transitions)
question mark Display a PowerPoint file as a Yodeck Video and it gets converted on our servers to video with all the fancy moves included, retaining all transitions and animations contained in the file.

Screen Layouts & Templates

Screen Layouts with Multiple Zones of Media
question mark Create screen layouts that combine different Media and Widgets on the same screen, to provide more information at the same time.
Free Layout Templates for Any Industry
question mark Use free, professionally designed templates that you can use immediately. Just change an image you don't like, or modify texts, and you're good to go.
Add or Change Media, Playlists, Widgets, Texts and Shapes
question mark Each region in a Layout can be changed in-feature, to easily modify an existing Layout and add your latest content. You can even add Playlists inside Layouts to show a sequence of different Media.
Build Custom Layouts with the Design You Need
question mark You or your design team can easily create a completely custom Layout and use that instead of a Layout Template.
Overlay Media / Layer Media?
question mark Anything you add to a Layout can be overlaid on top of other content, so you get layers of media, just like the TV network logos you see in the corner of your screen.
Layout Previewing in Browser
question mark Get a preview of your screen layout inside the browser, making layout management easier.

Playback & Safety

Fullscreen Playback
question mark You can assign Media, Playlists or simple Layouts you create directly to Players, and they will be played fullscreen.
Portrait (Vertical) and Landscape (Horizontal) Screen Orientation
question mark Yodeck supports screens mounted either normally or in portrait orientation. Everything is managed easily, while keeping playback performance superb.
Supports Any Screen Resolution (incl.1080p and 4K)
question mark Yodeck Players support all standard resolutions, like Full-HD (1080p) or 4K/UHD (3160p), or even older 4:3 ratio resolutions.
Supports Custom Resolutions and LED Panels/Billboards
question mark Yodeck Players support virtually any kind of resolution, even custom ones using direct-view LED panels and billboards. As long as there is an HDMI or DVI input, Yodeck Players can drive almost any kind of screen.
Broadcast Emergency Alerts On Screens
question mark In emergency situations, users can override the standard content and easily broadcast Emergency Alerts to designated screens.
CAP Support for Emergency Alerts (Q1-2020)
question mark Campuses and large facilities use CAP-enabled systems to unify management of emergency broadcasts. Yodeck can be integrated using the CAP protocol so that emergency alerts are also broadcasted on your screens.
Video Wall Support (using 1 Player per Screen)
question mark You can setup 2x2, 3x1, or any matrix-like video wall made of any number of screens. You can even use landscape or portrait screens and combine them into asymmetric video walls to get that wow effect. Video walls made with Yodeck require as many Players as the number of screens, plus an affordable IP video streamer.

Media Management & Playlists

Media Playlists with Drag-and-Drop Editor
question mark Add Media of any type to Playlists, showing them one after the other. Playlists are managed through an easy to use Playlist editor where dragging items lets you add or reorder them.
Media Previewing
question mark Preview Media within the Yodeck dashboard, to help you check out the content and make sure you pick the right one.
Media Expiration
question mark Define the exact time period a Media file will be displayed. Inactive media will be skipped during Playback. This is especially useful for handling multiple events or campaigns. Combined with Schedules, it provides the maximum flexibility in managing playback.
Instant Transitions (no black screens between Media)
question mark No more seeing that annoying black interval between videos. Enjoy instant transitions between videos or any type of Media.
question mark Organize your content in smaller Playlists and add these "sub-Playlists" as items in other, larger Playlists. This way, you can structure your Playlists to easily manage hundreds of Media, or allow access to specific Playlists only to specific people.
Media Tags
question mark Categorize Media using Tags and use them for easy searches.
Tag-Based Playlists
question mark If you use Media Tags, you can create dynamic Playlists by selecting Media based on their assigned Tags. This way, when you add a Tag to a new or existing Media, it is automatically included in the right Tag-based Playlists.


Content Scheduling
question mark Use the scheduling feature to show different content during different hours or days or turn off your screens during off-hours.
Schedule Repeating Events (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc)
question mark Create recurring entries that schedule content every X days, weeks or months. Easily plan ahead for as long as you need.
Screen On/Off Hours (over HDMI)
question mark Yodeck supports CEC, which means you can turn off your screens over the same HDMI cable used for the video signal. Save power and extend your screen's life. Please note: your screens must support CEC.
User-friendly Schedule Editor
question mark Use a simple calendar to plan out your Schedules. You can view your Schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and easily add or change content.
Schedule Download Hours (to use off-peak bandwidth)
question mark Is your Internet bandwidth limited? You can set up your Yodeck Players to only download new content during off-peak hours.
Volume Level Scheduling (for noisy peak-hours)
question mark Public venues, like malls and stadiums, can be very noisy. If you use sound, you can set up schedules to change the volume level of your screens during different days and hours, to make sure your message is heard.


RSS Ticker (scrolling text)
question mark Create scrolling news feeds, or create your own message on your screen. Have as many tickers as you want and all of them will scroll beautifully, without any stuttering.
Current Weather & Hourly or Daily Forecasts
question mark Display the current weather and temperature, along with detailed forecasts on an hourly or daily basis. Use your location or any location in the world, and combine multiple forecasts on your screens.
Clocks, Dates, Quotes, QR Codes, Countdowns
question mark Use any Widget in our growing collection and make your screens more interesting and engaging, with more information for your audience.
Social Widgets (Instagram, Twitter, Hashtag Wall)
question mark Add feeds from popular Social Media that get automatically updated.
Calendars (Google, more to come)
question mark Get your calendars on screen and use them outside meeting rooms or for planning your day.
Data Dashboards and Integrations with 20+ Services, like Google Analytics
question mark Need to display a data dashboard on your screen? We already provide more than 20 integrations that are ready to use. And we can build new ones upon request!
Upload Your Own Custom Widgets
question mark Want to customize Yodeck? Build Custom Widgets in an easy way and leverage the power of our platform for your needs.


Wired Ethernet Support
question mark Yodeck Players have a Gigabit Ethernet port to connect to the Internet using a simple network cable.
Wireless Network (WiFi) Support (on-board or dongle*)
question mark WiFi is supported out of the box with Yodeck Players. It works with all networks and supports passphrase encryption (WPA/WPA2) as well as Enterprise WiFi (EAP). An external USB WiFi adapter is also supported.
3G/4G/LTE USB Dongle Support
question mark If you need mobile connectivity, Yodeck supports SIM-powered USB dongles that provide access through cellular networks.
Supports DHCP or Static (IP, Gateway and DNS Server)
question mark DHCP and static IP configuration is supported for WiFi and Ethernet.
Supports HTTP Proxy with Authentication
question mark Yodeck Players support the use of HTTP Proxies. Standard Proxy Authentication is supported too.
Supports Custom NTP Server
question mark Have an NTP server in your corporate network? You can use that to make sure your Players always have their clocks set right.
Deploy Custom Certificates to Players
question mark Corporate networks that deploy web filtering may need custom digital certificates to be installed in all devices. Yodeck makes it easy to upload certificates that are considered safe.
Keyboard-free Installation, Plug-n-Play
question mark No need to use a keyboard or configure the device. Just do the configuration in the portal and your Yodeck Players come preconfigured, ready to be used.


Multiple Users in One Account
question mark Add an unlimited number of users to your Yodeck Account. Each has their own password which allows them to do whatever you need.
2-Factor Authentication
question mark Secure user accounts with Two-Factor Authentication, using their smartphones. Requiring both a password and a code generated by the authenticator app you're using, you keep your account safe from hijackers.
Standard User Roles
question mark All accounts come with a set of standard User Roles that you can assign your Users to grant them access to different areas of your Yodeck account.
Custom User Roles
question mark Standard roles don't fit your case? Create Custom Roles and assign specific Permissions to your Users, to allow access to the exact areas required.
Granular Access Control with Workspaces for Restricted Access to Content and Screens
question mark Workspaces help multi-site organizations with many people handling different screens control access and permissions to screens and content.
Single Sign-On (SSO) Using SAML
question mark Use SAML to centralize your User Management and provide SSO using SAML identity providers like Active Directory FS, Onelogin, Okta and others.
Custom Password Policy
question mark Define your own password policy, including selecting the password rules and strength, when passwords expire and need to be updated, and more.
Security Lockdown for Players
question mark Secure your Players by preventing any tampering that could potentially be used to attack your network.
User IP Address Whitelist
question mark Restrict your Users to only connect to your Account from the designated IP addresses. The IP address restrictions can be set on both a global and a per user level.
Audit Logs
question mark The audit log provides a detailed recording of what happens in your Account, allowing for accountability and security reviews.
Player Storage Encryption
question mark Encrypt your Player's Storage partition, so no one will be able to access any of your Media or information outside your network. That includes media files, passwords, and usernames.

Management & Monitoring

Complete Remote Management Through the Web
question mark Everything, including content and Players, is managed through an easy to use web dashboard. Our focus on a user-friendly experience means anyone can use it!
Playback Reports (Proof of Play)
question mark Playback reports provide a detailed analysis on each item played on your Players. It is essential if you need to report back to 3rd parties for collecting ad fees or royalties.
Player Content Screenshots
question mark View a screenshot of what each Player is showing right now, making sure that the right content is on the right screen and playing back properly.
In-Map Screen Visualization
question mark Get an overview of all your screens laid out on a map, making management easier and more Intuitive.
Tag-based Screen Grouping
question mark Add any Tags you need to Players in order to group and easily manage them. Search for Players using combinations of Tags and apply bulk actions on matching Players.
Different Timezone per Player
question mark Managing Players installed in different timezones? Yodeck Players have individual timezone settings. Schedule your content at 9am and all Players start playback at 9am in their local timezones.
Automated Software Upgrades
question mark Yodeck Players are automatically updated over the Internet. No need to worry about firmware and such. Everything is handled by the Yodeck team.
Command-line Access (SSH)
question mark Are you a Linux power user and need to access the internals of the Player? No problem. We provide you with SSH access!
Email Notifications on Player Online/Offline
question mark If a Player is offline, it will not be able to get the latest content, so an email notification is sent to the account administrators.
question mark Use our API to connect to your Yodeck Account and automate content and device management to fit your project. Available upon request.

Service Limits

Local Storage of Content
question mark All Media files are stored locally on the Player. Player storage is managed automatically.
Offline Playback
question mark Players can work offline with locally stored content for at least one month, and up to 35 days, in case the Internet is down.
Unlimited Cloud Storage
question mark All Yodeck accounts get unlimited** storage for uploading Media.
Unlimited Cloud Bandwidth
question mark All Yodeck accounts get unlimited** bandwidth.
Unlimited Users in an Account
question mark All Yodeck accounts are allowed an unlimited number of Users.
Unlimited Capacity (supporting thousands of Players)
question mark All Yodeck accounts can support an unlimited number of Players without scaling issues. Note that you will need to upgrade your account to a subscription limit that will match your Player count.

Player Hardware

Free Players on Annual Subscriptions (1GB)
question mark Select an Annual subscription to any Plan and get FREE Yodeck Players for all your screens!
2GB Yodeck Player
question mark Works great for fullscreen media playback (FREE with annual subscriptions)
Upgrade Available to 4GB Yodeck Player
question mark Recommended for complex Layouts or heavy dashboards (+$20/unit, upgrade available only on new unit orders)
DIY Players Using any Raspberry Pi
question mark For the tech-savvy only. Check out our DIY guide here.
Available Storage for Media
question mark 16GB Flash Storage, about 12GB available (~12 hours of 1080p video)
Worldwide Warranty
question mark 1 Year Limited Worldwide Warranty, shipping globally
Yodeck Player Hardware Specifications
question mark Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2GB or 4GB), detailed specs here
Optional Hardware Upgrades
question mark Power over Ethernet (PoE) add-on, Media Storage upgrade
Package Contents
question mark Yodeck Player, 16GB SD Card, Power Supply, HDMI 2.0 cable (micro-HDMI to HDMI, 3ft/1m)

Have any questions?

Stuck on something? Need help with a technical issue? We’re here to help you every step of the way. Whether you have billing, product or technical questions, simply use the customer support form you’ll find right in the Yodeck Portal and we’ll provide the best solution for your business or organization. If you prefer trying to puzzle things out on your own, we have a handy FAQ section. It covers almost all of most common questions you might have. You can also read more about all the features in our features list in our extensive in our User Manual. It’s where you’ll also find more technical info if you’re a developer or have an IT background.

Need extra features?

We’re always looking to enrich our suite of features. Nothing makes us happier than creating a new feature that our clients will love. So if you need something that you don’t see on our features list, simply let us know! We have a special section in our Support Center where you can give us suggestions for new features.

Easy Onboarding

We also want to make onboarding as smooth and intuitive as possible. That’s why we designed features in a way that lets you get started immediately. Content creation, scheduling and screen management can be picked up by all users in minutes – of technical background, we promise! Additionally, we created a series of video tutorials that provide in-depth, step-by-step explanations of each feature. They’re a great way to find out more about all the capabilities Yodeck’s features offer, as well as a helpful reference point if you have any questions while you’re creating your digital signage.