Bring employees closer

Promote employee communities & interests with Microsoft Viva Engage for digital signage. Spark engagement for a vibrant workplace culture!

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Unite your team

  • Assign a name to your app and, optionally, a description.
  • Authenticate your Microsoft account by clicking the “Login with Microsoft” button.
  • Select the Community you want to display posts from.
  • Choose the post format, the number of posts, & other configuration settings.
  • Customize your screens with style, branding, and add a QR code for easy access to Viva Engage environment.


How can using the Microsoft Viva Engage app help you?

Seamless integration

Enjoy smooth integration with the Microsoft Viva Engage app, available with our Premium plan, & ensure effortless user engagement.

Real-time interaction

Empower users to engage instantly with content. Simply scan the QR code embedded in each post, which opens it natively within the Viva Engage app.

Diverse content

Add non-work content from the Viva Engage app to screens & instantly display any post, such as discussions, polls, praises, and questions.

Consistent branding

Ensure a cohesive brand representation across all signage by tailoring styles and incorporating your logo, thereby reinforcing brand identity consistently & effectively.

Yodeck badges and awards

Yodeck awards for spring 2024 voted as the best digital signage software


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