Deliver Birthday wishes using the Birthday Notification app

Surprise your audience and make them feel valued by integrating the Birthday Notification app into your digital signage screens. Ensure your viewers never miss a special day, boosting engagement and building customer loyalty.

birthday notification app on screen


Showcase birthday wishes easily!

  • Add the Birthday Notification app from the app gallery.
  • Name your app (required) and add an optional description.
  • Enter your wish message.
  • Import dates in CSV format.
  • Customize date format, orientation, fonts, and colors.
  • Set a default image URL.
  • Set the Default Duration for app display in playlists.
  • Optionally, schedule Play From/Play Until for expiration.
  • Click “Save,” and your app is ready to use.


How can using the Birthday Notification app help you?

Personalized celebrations

Use the Birthday Notification app on digital signage screens to create memorable moments by displaying personalized birthday messages, making your audience feel valued and appreciated.

Increased engagement

Encourage audience interaction by promoting birthday offers, discounts, or exclusive deals through your digital signage to drive sales and customer engagement.

Effortless integration

The Birthday Notification app effortlessly integrates with your existing systems, automating birthday greetings and reducing manual effort.

Data-driven insights

Gain valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and behaviors by tracking their response to birthday notifications, helping to create tailored marketing strategies.

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