Enhance Audience Engagement with the BBC App

Use the BBC app, the leading public service broadcaster, to offer an immersive news experience to your audience. Keep everyone engaged and well-informed by displaying the latest news, stories, or sports from this renowned and respected organization.

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Create an immersive news experience effortlessly!

  • Add the BBC RSS app from your app gallery.
  • Provide an app ”Name” and an optional ”Description”.
  • Select a ”News” category from the dropdown list.
  • Configure the Maximum number of News Posts to determine the display quantity.
  • Choose the refresh rate for the RSS app.
  • Customize Font Size, Font Color, and Background Color.
  • Set the Default Duration for the app in playlists.
  • Click ”Save” and you’re done!


How can using the BBC app help you?

Trusted journalism source

Grab your viewers’ attention with one of the most reliable public service broadcasters for all the breaking news, the BBC app. Help them stay well-informed and engaged by displaying the latest BBC headline.

Rich and informative content

Inform and entertain your audience with a rich variety of multimedia elements, including news updates, TV programs, radio broadcasts, and sports coverage, ensuring a complete informational experience.

Fully customizable

Customize the BBC app to match your branding and visual preferences, allowing you to establish a more personalized display that seamlessly integrates with your digital signage content and resonates with your audience.

Worldwide news coverage

With the BBC app, you have the opportunity to showcase a wide range of events and stories that include a global scope of topics and regions, ensuring your viewers stay informed about important news from around the world.

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