Why Yodeck Player for Digital Signage

Engineered for Digital Signage

Engineered for Digital Signage

  • Offers a seamless experience with enterprise-grade features.
  • Trusted by multinational organizations for digital signage deployments.
Based on the Raspberry Pi

Based on the Raspberry Pi

  • World’s most reliable, secure, and affordable microcomputer.
  • Durable aluminum-alloy casing with built-in passive cooling.
Perfect Media Playback

Perfect Media Playback

  • Ιmmersive viewing experience for ALL media content and 4K resolution.
  • Supports over 70+ Yodeck Apps and more than 500+ templates.

Yodeck Players Portfolio

The Yodeck Player (1GB)

Leveraging Raspberry Pi 4 (1GB), is designed to offer a seamless digital signage solution.

  • Ideal for full screen content, like images, videos and documents

Free with an annual subscription to our basic pricing plan.

The Yodeck Player Plus (4GB)

Αn enhanced version with Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB), provides additional power for more demanding digital signage needs.

  • Awesome for web data dashboards
  • Great for multi – zone layouts

Free with an annual subscription to our premium and enterprise pricing plans.

How it Works

How it works

1. Connect

Unbox Yodeck Player, connect it to your screen via micro-HDMI, & follow included instructions to connect to internet.

2. Access

Login to the Yodeck portal; your Yodeck player is ready to use, no custom configuration required.

3. Manage

Create & save content on Yodeck portal. Wirelessly send it to chosen screen with “Push to Players?” button.

The first screen is free forever!

Yodeck awards for spring 2024 voted as the best digital signage software