Yodeck Digital Signage Player

Tech you can trust to always get your media on screen

What is a digital signage player?

Think of it as a media player that’s either a small external device you connect to your TV, or software that’s already installed in your smart TVs and tablets. A digital signage player is the tech that makes sure your videos, images and real-time data feeds display seamlessly, so you keep the conversation going with your customers and employees.price with guaranteed reliability.

digital signage players

Which Yodeck Digital Signage Player suits you best?

web digital signage player

Web Player

Recommended for instant setup or in cases where you prefer not to have external hardware.


Android Player

Recommended for mobile setup or in cases where you prefer not to have external hardware.


How to set up our digital signage players

  • Create a Free Yodeck Account
  • Get your Yodeck Player
  • Upload your Media and hit “Apply”
yodeck digital signage player

Why choose Yodeck?

Fullscreen media playback

Yodeck’s digital signage players work great for displaying videos, images, real-time data feeds and playlists. Also, complex screen layouts that include news tickers, data dashboards and web pages work flawlessly on your screens.

Free Screen Templates

Use playlists that highlight the unique experience only you can offer your clients. Simply display media, such as Save time and money on content design. Use our free, fully customizable screen layout templates so you can make sure your screens impress customers and employees. They’re all professionally designed! You can also add your own branding and logos.

Works when offline

With about 12GB Flash storage available (~12 hours of 1080p video)with our Raspberry Pi digital signage player, you can seamlessly upload and display content! Prefer our Web Player option? Check out the memory requirements to make sure your content stays on screen if the internet is down.

Free technical support

Need help setting up your Raspberry Pi digital signage player? Just contact us and we’ll make sure you get it up and running in no time! Or do you have any questions about our Web Player? Reach out now

Save more money

Choose any Annual Plan and get for FREE the full Raspberry Pi digital signage player kit, which includes: a Raspberry Pi Player pre-configured with your WiFi credentials, 16GB SD Card,
Power Supply, and HDMI 2.0 cable (micro-HDMI to HDMI, 3ft/1m).

Hassle-free updates

Get all our new features and any hardware improvements every six weeks without needing to do a thing. No configuring, no downloading updates. We handle it for you, remotely, so you focus on your business without worrying about your signage solution