Connect our digital
signage software to

The Yodeck Player

Need hardware? Pair Yodeck with the recommended Raspberry Pi digital signage player.

Yodeck Raspberry Pi digital signage player
We offer, with any annual subscription, a preconfigured Yodeck player for free.

Supported Media Players

Already own hardware? Pair Yodeck with one of the supported media players options we offer.

Yodeck supported media players are amazon fire, android, windows, BrightSign, webOS and Tizen
We offer seamless switch to Yodeck, while keeping the hardware you already use.

Why Rpi is the recommended Yodeck Media Player

Why Rpi is the recommended Yodeck Media Player

Established and robust, it’s the commercial-grade digital signage media player trusted by industry leaders worldwide.

  • Reliable & Secure: made in the UK
  • Ideal for Digital Signage: supports all Yodeck features & Apps
  • Affordable: offered for free with our annual plans
  • Customizable: manage and customize the entire software
  • Data Reports: get hardware performance reports

Supported Digital Signage
Media Players

Operating Systems

android os


Experience the flexibility of our digital signage solution by simply downloading the Yodeck player app-an easy and scalable tool.



Empower your digital signage with an affordable solution to create custom media players on Windows, ensuring cost-effective screens.



Explore affordable hardware options such as the FireTV stick that support a wide range of Yodeck DS platform features; setting up is easy and fast.

Samsung Tizen


Turn Samsung TVs into intelligent DS screens without extra hardware & engage your audience, while considering some app limitations.

LG webOS


Utilize LG Smart TVs to craft a smart DS screen for audience engagement, without extra hardware, while being mindful of limited app functionality.

Yodeck Web

Yodeck Web

Set up instantly with no external hardware-perfect for pop-up events or experiencing Yodeck in action within seconds.

Hardware Devices

BrightSign player

Enhance your current hardware with Yodeck’s user-friendly DS software, ensuring a hassle-free experience without needing new DS hardware, though with limited app functionalities.

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick smoothly integrates with Yodeck, enforcing digital signage capabilities by providing a powerful and user-friendly content delivery and management platform.

Save up to $40


Get up to $40 off discount

Get $20 – $40 discount if you bring your own device.

Do you need more than 50 screens?

For larger deployments exceeding 50 screens, our sales team is here to assist you in selecting the optimal hardware solution for your specific requirements.

Yodeck Academy

Get started by learning how to set up your digital signage media players.

Why choose Yodeck

Choose yodeck because its easy to use

Easy to use

Drag & drop the content you want to display. And as a cloud-based digital signage solution, you have remote access.

1 screen forever free

1 Screen forever free

Run Yodeck for free for one screen. Check out our features & then add all the screens & players you need.

free tech support to all our customers for questions with their digital signage app

Customer support

Yodeck offers free tech support to all our customers in case they have questions with their digital signage app.

Yodeck allows you to scale from 1 to multiple screens, easily. That’s the power of a digital signage cloud solution.

Scalable solution

Yodeck allows you to scale from 1 to multiple screens, easily. That’s the power of a digital signage cloud solution.