Help visitors navigate

Offer a seamless navigation experience. Help visitors get where they need to go with an interactive wayfinding solution like Yodeck. Display building maps, office listings, and event programs.

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A TV screen showing campus wayfinding information
Three TV screens showcasing different wayfinding templates
Free digital wayfinding design templates!

Benefits of digital wayfinding signage

Improve navigation experience

A digital wayfinding system provides clear and dynamic directions and minimizes confusion. Make complex spaces, such as large offices and campuses, accessible to everyone.

Make real-time updates

Unlike traditional static signage, digital directional signage allows for real-time updates. Changes in room schedules, event locations, or emergency information can be instantly displayed to visitors.

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Reduce costs

Α digital signage wayfinding software is a much more affordable solution, compared to flyers and posters. Eliminate printing costs and make quick content updates.

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Impress visitors

Use gamification elements and interactive wayfinding signage to make visitors’ experience more enjoyable and engaging. Utilize touch screens to maximize participation.


For building wayfinding signage

Use Yodeck as your wayfinding solution and create engaging content with our free and easy-to-use apps. Make your own wayfinder kiosk, easily.

Wayfinding screen that displays areas of a building and shows you where you can put your logo


Protect your students with wayfinder digital signage