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Spiffy New Free Video Gallery & Google Slides App!

This month’s software release is all about saving you time, so you can upload great content even faster than before.

Nothing beats our new free Video Gallery when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. Also, what’s better than getting your Google Slides up on your screens in seconds? So, get cracking and create some stunning content!

We know our free Image Gallery got your creative juices flowing, because finding that perfect pic takes mere seconds. So, we figured nothing’s better than a free Video Gallery, to give you that same ease of use. Instead of sitting there stewing when you’re stumped trying to find that elusive ideal video, head on over to our free Video Gallery. Simply do a quick search, using any keyword of your choice. You’ll get tons of stock videos you can choose from.

Yodeck’s Free Video Gallery

It works great for when you want something eye-catching, but don’t have time to create your own video. Plus, our Gallery pulls search results from popular services such as Pexels and Pixabay. So go on. Pick the perfect video; and wow your viewers with the kind of professional touch you always dreamed of.

Get your Google Slides on screen in seconds

Can’t live without your Google Slides for digital signage? Wish you could get that important info on your screens quickly and easily? Well, your Yodeck genie made that happen. Just go to your Google Slides file in Google Drive and copy the link. Then, all you have to do is paste it into our Google Slides App. Ta da! You’ll see it on your screens. Works like magic, right?

Have you saved media files like images, videos, documents and audio on your own servers? Or did you want to use one of these types of media files from a free stock media site? Bypass the need to first save the media file locally on your computer by simply copying the media file’s URL link. Then paste the web link into Yodeck and you can use that media file as content. How’s that for speedy delivery!

Release Notes

New features

  • Yodeck’s brand new free Video Gallery makes it easier and faster than ever to get great video content up on your screens, in seconds. Simply choose from thousands of free stock videos, by doing a keyword search; just like in our popular Image Gallery. In our free Video Gallery you’ll find free stock videos from a number of services.
  • Also, you can now add media files by simply copying the URL link! Use any image, video, document or audio you’ve saved on your own servers or that you find on free stock media sites, without having to save the media file on your PC first. Just copy the web link to that file and paste it into the Yodeck platform.
  • Additionally, the Google Slides App lets you display your presentation on screen, in seconds, by simply copy-pasting the link to the Google Slides file in your Google Drive account.


  • You can use a 12-hour format in the Calendar Apps. Simply select that option when adding the app.
  • When downgrading plans in the Purchasing Wizard, users will see what features they will no longer have access to. This warning makes it easier for users to decide which plan meets their business needs best.
  • You no longer have to click on ‘Get more’ when you want to load more images in the Image Gallery. You’ll see more images load as you scroll down.

Bugs fixed

  • While Date and Time Apps preload, users saw ‘23:59:59’ appear on their screens until the correct time loaded. We fixed it!