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Keep students, teachers, and visitors informed and safe by using Yodeck, the #1 easiest-to-use education digital signage solution. Showcase student successes & promote campus events.

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Benefits of college campus signage

Improve navigation

Help students, teachers, and visitors navigate campus facilities by displaying wayfinding digital signage. Campus wayfinding signage makes the university experience easier and more pleasant.

Boost communication

Rely on campus digital signage to communicate efficiently. Display real-time updates on information screens to help everyone stay connected. See how New York University uses Yodeck.

Promote events

Use college signage to advertise upcoming events, lectures, sports or other activities to the students. Increase student engagement and make their campus life unforgettable.

Keep students safe

A campus screen is very useful when it comes to safety announcements. Display emergency alerts and notifications, such as evacuation routes or weather warnings.


Create engaging content

Use our free apps to display engaging content and welcome new students. With Yodeck you can showcase any type of information you can think of, effortlessly.


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