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6 great ways to use digital signage in education

Digital Signage in Education

Someone once said that we don’t need no education, and that we don’t need no thought control. Well, while I can agree with the great Pink Floyd on the latter, I beg to differ on the former.

Because as Nelson Mandela points out:

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

And while any form of thought control sends shivers down my spine, there is a place in education for something else. Something which can inform, entertain, and connect. Oh yes, and can also save precious resources like, well, time and money.

You guessed it. I’m talking about digital signage. But how? “Explain yourself!” I hear you say.

The secret is in the screens

Screens are a powerful tool. Think about it. We spend most of our day looking at them. So how about the younger generation? According to recent research in the United States, teenagers spend around 9 hours a day in front of a screen. That’s a lot.

This trend is increasing all the time and, like it or not, is fast becoming “normal”. So it’s no surprise that the medium of digital signage is being used on a large scale in restaurants, bars, shopping malls and public places for advertising, marketing and information purposes.

Educational institutions are beginning to grasp its alluring power. In fact, increasing numbers are adopting digital signage solutions around schools, colleges and university campuses because of one factor. It’s ability to get the attention of, and communicate with, millennials and even younger generations.

Great uses for digital signage in education:

If you’re still not quite sure why you should dabble with digital signage, here’s a few great reasons:

1. Enhance the learning experience

Give your learning environment a technology boost. Use screens for hi-tech presentations and beam them around other locations in the school. Ensure students can be free from distractions when in class or in workshops with room booking systems. Screens outside indicating when a class or meeting is in process means students can be shut off from unnecessary distractions. Like being interrupted every few minutes by someone checking if the room is free. Also, capture the attention of students. According to recent research by Intel Corp., digital displays capture 400% more views versus static counterparts. The result, messaging is much bettered remembered.

2. Connecting communities

Educational institutions are a melting pot of communities. Bring them together using digital signage. Highlight upcoming events and student and/or faculty projects, show information about sports clubs and special interest extra-curricular groups. Go one step further and integrate your digital signage with live data such as RSS feeds, live streams (IPTV), and social media accounts. This can prompt student (and teacher) collaboration whereby they share messages which can be shown throughout the educational facility. So as well as a bang-up-to-date source of current and valuable information, it can also be highly motivating and community-building.

3. Save time and money, and boost sales

Digital menu boards in cafes and screens in reception/common spaces with marketing information are great ways to save time and expense. No more printing menus, large display boards or marketing materials. And let’s be honest. Sales is not a dirty word in education any more. Eye-catching images of refreshments and tactical special offers up on screens can stimulate students, teachers and visitors to spend more. Additionally, engaging digital signage content can draw in potential business partners like local or international brands for advertising. After all, you’re giving them a massive audience of potential consumers. New revenue streams are always welcome, right? And they truly bring home the ROI.

4. Always up to date

Running live, real-time data such as bus, train or traffic information can help both students and staff plan ahead and be on time. Sorry guys, no more excuses for being late. Not only that, important announcements and security alerts, such as evacuation drills and emergency procedures can be immediately put up and be seen. Everywhere.

5. Mr. Motivator

There’s nothing quite like seeing your name in neon lights, or up on a beautiful video wall in the case of digital signage. Modesty is a great trait to encourage (to an extent), but you can also really motivate students and various faculty groups by displaying and promoting achievements. This doesn’t just benefit the students and faculty leaders, but can also create a great impression on visitors.

6. Show what the future looks like

On a really simple level, displays are a really smart way of putting important information on display at all times. Data like time, the date, news and weather can be always visible while you have a separate window displaying other content content, like a video, slideshow or web page, via an HDMI input from a laptop or similar device for example. Show your students, teachers, parents and business partners what the future of signage in education is all about.

What are you waiting for?

Still not using digital signage? Wait, what? That simply won’t do. Once you give it a try, you’ll enjoy a ream of benefits that will leave you wondering how you lived without it. So go on, sign up for a free Yodeck plan today and get in touch with us for any questions you may have about getting started.

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