Dynamic walls for social proof and instant engagement

Display live social feeds in events, feature hashtag wall campaigns in your venue, and collect and present what your customers say about you. 

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A screen showing a restaurant social media wall along with a prompt to follow their social media
Free social media wall templates

Benefits of social media and hashtag wall

User generated content

Leverage authentic, relatable user-generated content to build trust and open communication. Crowdsource reviews and comments to humanize your brand.

Real-time updates on screens

Keep your audience engaged and the discussions flowing with instantaneous, real-time social media posts and hashtag wall updates displayed on your screens.

Repurpose your social content

Extend the life and reach of your social media posts. Seamlessly integrate them into your digital signage and add a social spark to your messaging.

Liven up your events

Infuse energy and excitement into your events with a live social media and hashtag wall. Create an interactive experience with digital signage for events.


Power up with apps

Turn our collection of popular apps into your content toolbox and display engaging real-time content on your social media and hashtag wall.

Added-value resources for displaying a hashtag wall

  • Check out our latest social media apps! Use content from Facebook as well as Instagram, in just a few clicks.
  • Combine posts from different social media channels to create a social media wall specifically for your signage screens.


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