23 Sep, 2020

Exploring Main Features of Modern Content Management Software

Content management software has become one of the most powerful weapons in your business arsenal. Read more

content management system
30 Aug, 2019

Yodeck’s #5 in Capterra’s Top 20 Digital Signage Software!

That’s right! We made the big leagues! Yodeck’s on Capterra’s Top 20 Digital Signage Software list. Read more

29 Nov, 2018

A Practical Guide for SaaS businesses to Deferring Revenue, as required by ASC-606

The new ASC-606 directive issued jointly by the FASB and IASB dictates that revenue should be recognized as it is earned. Read more

02 Nov, 2018

Integrating Xero and Stripe with our SaaS

We use Stripe as our payment service. And Xero for accounting. Read more

14 Dec, 2017

Why become a digital signage reseller

Why become a digital signage reseller? It’s a good question, and one I never tire of answering emphatically. Read more

Why become a digital signage reseller
02 Nov, 2017

Telcos selling digital signage is a match made in heaven – Part 1

There’s no denying that digital signage is a vital retail sales tool for telecoms companies these days. But a new, exciting trend is emerging. Of telcos selling digital signage. Read more

10 Aug, 2017

Digital signage on the cloud: a unique type of SaaS

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about cloud and SaaS platforms? Server farms, big-time traffic, high churn rates, and no hardware, perhaps? Read more

Digital Signage on the Cloud - SaaS
09 Feb, 2017

Android-based digital signage platforms vs Yodeck

Android is probably the No.1 Platform for Digital Signage. So why did we use the Raspberry Pi? Read more