Transform communication with digital bulletin boards

Digital bulletin boards take traditional bulletin boards to a whole new level. It’s not just a static display – it’s a dynamic platform that captures attention, fosters collaboration, and delivers information in exciting ways.

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Use Cases

Captivate your customers with interactive displays showcasing product information, promotions, surveys, and contests. An online bulletin board can provide real-time updates on events, offers, or customer testimonials, enhancing customer engagement and brand awareness.

Empower your organization with corporate digital signage and virtual bulletin boards. Communicate effectively with employees by sharing company news, HR updates, training materials, upcoming events, and internal announcements within the company.

Visitors can be guided with easy wayfinding digital signage through large venues, campuses, or buildings using interactive maps and directories, enabling them to find their way easily. In addition, a virtual bulletin board can showcase event schedules, speaker bios, and session information, providing a convenient source of relevant details.

Yodeck’s bulletin boards online can showcase dynamic content such as live news feeds, social media updates, weather updates, or stock tickers, ensuring that audiences stay informed and engaged.

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How does a digital bulletin board work?

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1. Login in at your Yodeck Account

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2. Create your digital bulletin board & Save

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3. Offer a captivating experience to customers