Widgets Galore and So Much More!

With our December software update we present you with a veritable Widget Gallery Wonderland. You’re in for a treat with social media, data dashboard and QR code widgets. And there are so many more surprises for you under the Yodeck tree. Rip the wrapping off our brand new Image Gallery and laugh away any digital signage bloopers with our fail-safe Fallback Image feature.

And of course we wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!

A Treasure Trove of Widgets

free widget gallery
Get witty and GIFfy with our Twitter Widget! Show off your company’s social media skills, get people glued to your screen and kick the conversation with your customers into high gear.

Listen up, data monsters, because we’re unveiling widgets for the most popular dashboards out there. Display a ChartMogul, Baremetrics, Google Analytics or Google Calendar widget and you’ll spiff up your strategy. After all, knowledge is power, sharing is caring and with digital signage you can do both to buff up your bottom line.

Got QR-code envy and always wanted that extra coolness factor? Yodeck waved its magic digital wand and now you’ve got a QR Code widget! It’s super easy to use so with just a few clicks you can get your customers to your website or social media feeds.

Love Hashtag searches? Use them on your digital signage screens. Our new Hashtag widget lets you search Twitter and Instagram by Hashtag, so you don’t miss out on what’s trending.

Access the Widget Gallery!

Check Out Our Image Gallery

No time or talent to create your own images for uploading? No problem! Search free stock image sites like Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash and import pics right from Yodeck’s Image Gallery feature. Plus you choose the orientation, quick and easy. Create stand-out content for your screens, hassle-free.

add image on screen

See how easy it is to use in our super short video!

Fallback Image for Flawless Content

play media content on screen

All screens have a whoops! moment. Now no one has to notice. How? Pick a fallback image that’ll be displayed in case a Web Page or Web Widget doesn’t load or if a player goes offline. With Yodeck even glitches get glossed over, so your content stays sleek and professional.

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Release Notes

  • Fallback Image for Web Pages and Widget Gallery is here! Yodeck makes it easier to handle glitches. If a web page or web widget isn’t loading or a player is offline, users can choose an image to appear instead of a black or white error screen. It keeps your content sleek and professional.
  • The brand new Twitter widget is here! Get your social media feed on your digital signage screens to grab viewers’ attention.
  • Yodeck now offers users Data Dashboard widgets. Upload your favorite dashboards, including ChartMogul, Baremetrics, Google Analytics, Google Calendar and more to your digital signage screens.
  • We created a QR Code Widget. Display it on your screens and viewers can scan it and be directed to your Facebook, Web page and more.
  • Yodeck also adds on widget gallery the Hashtag Widget. Search Twitter or Instagram by hashtag and display social media feeds on your screens.
  • Yodeck makes it easy for advanced users to build a web widget. Customize how web pages appear on screen.
  • With Yodeck you can now skip creating original content for images. Users can now import free stock images from Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay just by using the Image Gallery feature in the Images Media tab. You can also set the orientation you want in the Image Gallery (portrait, landscape or any as the default).
  • Custom Widgets like web radio can now also be used as background audio.
  • We made it possible for users to disable Certificate checks for a Web Page so they can display internal sites without valid certification.
  • Yodeck automated troubleshooting for our direct clients! When users get an error message on their digital signage screen, all they’ll have to do is scan the QR code that appears on-screen and they’ll be redirected to a web page where a technical support ticket will be automatically created.
  • We made the UI more user-friendly with helpful tips and articles linked to fields and features to make it easier as you work.
  • We fixed a bug and Scheduled Reboot no longer causes bootloop.
  • We fixed a Workspace issue and now duplicated items created in another Workspace can no longer have duplicate names.
  • We fixed a bug so playlists in shows are correctly reflected in Playback Reports.
  • There was a problem with new playlists and shows not appearing in the Default Content drop-down menu. You had to refresh to see any new playlists and shows in the menu. Now they appear immediately as a Default Content choice.
  • We fixed a bug and now rich text widgets respect media expiration dates.
  • We also corrected a bug so that users can export PPT files to PDF with the highest possible resolution.
  • We made Playback Reports easier to use for Partners if you’ve got lots of clients. CSV reports can now be categorized by email suffix for easy identification.
  • Partners can now delete accounts quickly and easily as we streamlined the process. Just follow these simple steps.
  • When Whitelabel Partners fill in their own “Terms and Conditions” in the control panel they can now choose to have new users see that link and read the Terms and Conditions.