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An example of a doctor office signage that provides health tips.

Enhance the experience for both your patients and visitors with digital doctor office signage. Bright, professional-looking screens can be used in waiting rooms, corridors, and outside wards to effectively communicate tips for healthy living, advertise additional services, and provide entertainment to lower perceived wait times. 

Despite all the benefits, too many doctor’s offices still rely on stale paper posters and leaflets which, compared to digital signs, are more difficult to keep up-to-date, are less engaging, and contribute to paper waste and printing costs. 

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Yodeck’s platform can provide your medical facility with a reliable, secure, and effective digital signage solution—all for an affordable price. 

In this article, we’ll give digital doctor’s office signage the full once over, and explain how you can get started today. 

How can Doctor’s Offices Make the Best Use of Digital Signage?

Doctor’s offices are the cornerstones of communities across the globe. Not only are they an important provider of jobs, but they provide a foundation for caring for all residents—young or old. 

That’s why it’s important that your doctor’s office provides the best possible experience for your patients, so that when word gets around (and it always does!) people only speak of your amazing facilities and caring service. 

Investing in digital signage is a great way to help do that. Here’s how those in the healthcare industry can make the best use of digital signage:

  • Health tips for patients. Get the right message across with health tips and campaigns displayed on digital signage. Not only is digital signage more eye-catching than physical signs, but it’s also much more easily updated, so you can make sure you’re sharing the most up-to-date information. 
  • Wayfinding. Make sure patients can find their way around with easy-to-read digital wayfinding signage. Used in the right places, these types of signs are especially useful in times of high traffic, such as helping your patients find essential facilities such as elevators and bathrooms. 
  • Updates for staff. With its ability to be centrally managed and effortlessly updated, digital signage makes it easy to keep your staff informed at all times and to advertise additional training and other events.
  • Alerts. Doctor’s offices can be busy places, so use digital signage to alert staff and or patients with urgent information immediately—whether that’s an emergency medical problem, adverse weather event, or evacuation. Digital signage helps you make sure everyone knows what’s happening, as fast as possible. 
  • Waiting times. When it comes to appointment queuing times, patients want to be kept in the loop, so use digital signage to display live wait times in your clinics. And, whilst they’re waiting, why not display engaging content on your digital screens to keep your waiting patients better entertained?  
  • Fundraising and donor recognition. Digital signage is a great medium for honoring your benefactors and donors. For example, you could use spotlight videos to highlight how clinic volunteering and donations are helping the local community, which adds a really heart-warming touch. 
A digital screen with queuing times, and room numbers.

What are the Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Doctor’s Offices?

Using digital signage has numerous advantages over paper signs. 

Firstly, it’s dynamic, so you can display multiple pieces of content on one screen. Then, digital signs are easily updated and (if you use a platform like Yodeck) can be centrally managed. This means you can keep your patients and staff updated with the latest information at all times. Finally, digital signs, with their bright colors, illumination, and apps are more likely to engage and entertain your patients. 

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Eased frustration and lowered perceived wait times. Using digital signage, including sharing estimated wait times, is thought to reduce the perceived wait time by as much as 35%.
  • Drive home health awareness campaigns. 59% of people who see digital signage want to learn more about the topic shown. Simply put, you’re more likely to be successful in engaging people with a digital signage strategy than with physical signs alone. 
  • Save time with central management of multiple screens. Manually updating physical signage is just one extra item on a busy member of staff’s to-do list. Instead, use a smart platform like Yodeck to seamlessly manage awareness campaigns and other content all from one place.  
  • Promote related products to boost your bottom line. You can help boost both the health of your patients and your clinic’s profits by using digital signage to advertise relevant services. Examples might be treatments and therapies offered by your clinic but also might include services offered by nearby taxi offices and local restaurants to help your patients find what they need.     
  • Save on printing costs and minimize waste. Sick of seeing messy flyers and leaflets everywhere? Save the trees and go digital instead.
A digital screen advertising dietary supplement.

Wondering how to put it all into action? In the next section, we’ll show you some of the best examples of great doctor’s office signage, so you can hit the ground running.

5 Examples of Great Doctor’s Office Signage from Yodeck

There’s so much you can do with bright, bold digital signage from Yodeck. To make sure your digital signage is in tip-top shape, every Yodeck account (including our free account) comes with a huge variety of templates to choose from.  

Here are five of our favorite designs for doctor’s offices:

Health and wellness tips

Example of a screen displaying health and wellness tips.

Health is a holistic thing. Great sleep, diet, and exercise all play crucial roles in keeping us well. So, invest in your patients’ overall health by displaying useful health and wellness tips using our fresh-looking templates.

Public health alerts

Following public healthcare guidelines is important at any time, but it’s especially true in healthcare settings where people may be extra vulnerable due to illness or injury. Show you care by using our striking signage template to share public health information, and keep everyone protected. 

Advertising relevant services and procedures

Waiting patients are a captive audience when it comes to advertising additional treatments or services that might benefit them. Showcase your offering with our polished templates for maximum engagement. 


Doctor’s offices, hospitals, and clinics—can be confusing to navigate, especially if you’re a patient who’s feeling less than 100%. So give your clients a helping hand with crystal clear room signs from Yodeck.

Employee recognition

You know how hard your staff work, so keep employee motivation strong by recognizing what they do with custom sign templates from Yodeck. They’ll feel as elevated as the angels that they are!

And it’s worth thinking about apps too. Yodeck’s free library includes loads of apps that add an extra dimension to doctor’s office signage, providing patients with information on local weather, live news, and more.

What to Look for in Doctor’s Office Signage 

Now that we’ve seen exactly what digital doctor’s office signage can do, and the benefits that it can bring, how do you make sure your digital signage is up to the job? 

Here are our top tips to make sure your digital signage gets a clean bill of health: 

  1. Make sure content can be monitored remotely. 
  2. Make sure your digital signage platform has security you (and your patients) can rely on.
  3. Make sure you can set up digital signage screens with no-fuss. 
  4. Make sure your digital signage comes at the right price
  5. Make sure your chosen solution is robust enough for the job.

At Yodeck, we understand what medical facilities need when it comes to digital signage, which is why our digital signage solution is easy to set up, super secure, robust (even if the internet goes down), affordable, and can be accessed from anywhere. 

Make Sure Your Doctor’s Office Digital Signage is Fighting Fit With Yodeck  

Here at Yodeck, we’ve got just the medicine when it comes to keeping patients informed, healthy, and happy using digital signage. And, with the opportunities for cross-selling that our digital signage solution brings, it could be just the boost your practice has been looking for.  

  • Robust security. Enterprise-grade security, including SSL, firewall and password policies, player lockdown, and storage encryption. 
  • Plug and play. Easy installation and content management solution, no expertise needed. 
  • Hassle-free troubleshooting. Every plan includes free remote-access tech support. 

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