Enhance the experience of patients and visitors.

Hospital Digital Signage

Display health tips and awareness messages, enhance hospital wayfinding signage, advertise your services and entertain patients and visitors.

hospital digital signage software

Key Use Cases

health tips for patients

Show health tips for patients

Give patients and visitors valuable health tips they’ll use. Present prevention campaigns and also remind people of hygiene guidelines. Display awareness videos on screens in waiting rooms, elevators and other common areas.

visitor wayfinding

Streamline visitor wayfinding

Help patients and visitors find their way to clinics, bathrooms, gift shops and cafeterias. Display directions inside clinics, near elevators and high-traffic spaces. Also, healthcare wayfinding signage makes it easier to navigate your premises.

Display info for staff

Display staff updates

Keep doctors, nurses and staff informed of meetings and announcements. Show reminders of health and safety protocols in staff rooms. Also, use your screens to advertise training opportunities or other events.

Communicate alerts

Communicate alerts

Inform patients, visitors and staff of up-to-the-minute disruptions or delays, evacuation orders or other emergency alerts. Also, show warnings if elevators are out of service.

Donor recognition

Donor recognition

Honor and thank benefactors and volunteers who helped pave the way to success. Spotlight videos for a more personal and engaging touch with hospital digital signage software.

waiting room tv

Show wait-time updates

Inform patients of estimated wait times. Also, display clinic-specific educational messages with waiting room signage to make wait-times less frustrating. Use digital signage content to minimize perceived wait times.

Free digital signage templates
for Hospitals

Grab our free screen layout templates and wow your patients with professionally designed content.

easy hospital signage software
Social distancing digital signage template for hospitals
Dentist digital signage template for hospitals
Staff spotlight digital signage template for hospitals
hospital wayfinding

Run one screen for free

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Key Benefits

  • Minimize perceived wait times and patient frustration by displaying content that informs, engages and entertains using our digital signage software for hospitals.
  • Drive awareness for health and prevention campaigns. Offer valuable wellness tips.
  • Promote related services to your patients in order to offer a comprehensive treatment experience.
  • Remotely manage awareness campaigns and service promotions in several locations.
  • Save money and the environment by using hospital digital signage software to replace traditional paper marketing materials.
  • Grab patient and visitor attention – 59% of people who see digital signage want to learn more about the topic shown.

Why Yodeck

Easy to Use

With our drag & drop feature you can upload content files from your PC to our platform, in seconds. Also, anyone can create professional digital signage content that makes an impact using free stock images and videos from our Galleries. Additionally, you can update and display content remotely through our online platform, without physically going to each screen.

Affordable Price

Find the right plan for your organization. Our extremely affordable pricing plans offer unbeatable value for money and have a huge suite of intuitive features. Also, get free, complete, preconfigured Raspberry Pi Yodeck Player kits with annual plans.

Design Impressive Content in Minutes

Our online platform supports Word, PowerPoint and PDF files so you can use content you already created. Also, we support any image, audio or video format. Additionally, customize our free, professionally-designed screen layout templates with your branding. Or you can add news tickers and weather updates using free widgets.


Our easy-install digital signage solution requires no tech expertise. Anyone can set it up. And content management is equally easy, for all departments.

Extreme Security

Get enterprise-grade security features, including SSL, firewall and password policies. Plus, rely on Player lockdown and storage encryption capabilities. We know how important security is to you, and our digital signage solution meets your requirements.

Remote Support

Get hassle-free troubleshooting with Yodeck’s free remote-access tech support for all plans.

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