Digital Signage in the healthcare industry

Doctors and digital signage? Doesn’t seem like they’ve got much in common. But think again.

Because healthcare digital signage just might be the booster shot this sector needs. Not only can digital signage help medical staff, visitors and patients, it’s good for business too. Whether you manage a huge hospital or own a small-town practice, digital signage for the healthcare industry is a must. Kinda like eating your vegetables. And here’s why.

Good for hospitals & medical personnel

Doctors and nurses are busy, busy, busy. And it’s hard to get their attention if you’re not a patient in need. So how do you get all-important safety and admin info to hospital staff? Use your digital signage screens. Set up displays in common rooms, nurses’ stations, stock rooms, meeting rooms, even the scrub room. Take advantage of the little downtime doctors and nurses have to get important information across through digital signage for internal communications. Information about shifts and schedules, safety protocols and hygiene procedures, upcoming conferences and meetings will reach your target audience.

And what’s even better? Digital signage screens get people’s attention. And you can create user-friendly content that’s catchy, short and to the point. Which means your staff will willingly turn to digital signage screens to stay up-to-date.

Also, don’t forget that digital signage for the healthcare industry offers excellent features for emergency situations. Need to evacuate a wing or direct people in a fire drill? Just use your screens to tell people where to go and everyone will get out safe and sound.

Helping patients and visitors

No one likes hospitals. They’re stressful, patients and visitors wait for hours on end, and they’re built like a maze. Want to make the whole experience a little less scary and frustrating for everyone? Digital signage can save the day.

ER, (and other) waiting rooms are a great place to start. That’s where people are most frustrated. Help them out by setting up a screen and providing useful information like estimated waiting times and maps and directions to the closest bathroom or cafeteria.

And it’s excellent for business too. Because digital signage for the healthcare industry can reduce both patients’ stress and the perceived wait time by 35%. Happy patients (and visitors) make happy customers. Who could very well post a stellar review of your services online. And nothing beats that kind of publicity.

Don’t forget to use digital signage in other departments as well. You can offer patients and visitors health tips, info about other services your hospital offers and support group information. What’s better than getting reliable advice on what snacks you can eat while you wait for your diabetes specialist to see you? And why not include some media promoting your clinic’s out-patient weight-loss program too? Waiting rooms in all medical departments can have screens that pull double duty: providing helpful content and cross-hospital marketing. And that helps your bottom line.

Don’t forget to use your digital signage screens to keep visitors up to date about visiting hours and hygiene rules! Busy nurses will thank you for the help.

Helping small-town practices

It’s not just big hospitals that can benefit from digital signage for the healthcare industry. If you’re a general practitioner with your own clinic in a small town, there’s lots digital signage can do for you too.

Set up a screen in the waiting room and your practice will pack an extra punch. Tell patients all about your new services or if you’ve attended specialization conferences. Maybe include patient testimonials for that new high-tech procedure you’re offering. It’s the best way to advertise your new expertise to people waiting (and word of mouth will follow). Are you running a free first-aid seminar? Or leading a health and fitness jogging program at the local gym? Let people know. Small-town practices are all about building a great community. Connect to the people that matter most with your digital signage system.

And you don’t need to spend tons of money either. Because here at Yodeck we offer a perma-free plan if you only need one screen. And we provide top-notch tech support. So you can focus on your patients and employees.

Boosting profits through advertising

Of course, patients and staff come first. But why not use your digital signage system to generate a new revenue stream? And no, you don’t need to be in the big leagues to get some extra profits from advertising. It works great for small practices too. Digital signage for the healthcare industry is all about flexibility.

Big hospitals have a captive audience. People are constantly waiting with nothing to do but complain. Now you know you can put your digital signage screens to good use and reduce perceived wait times. Why not also sell some ad space to third parties between your helpful health tips and way-finding content? Gift shops, taxi services and private nursing services would be more than willing to pay you for the extra publicity.

And if you’ve got a clinic of your own, it’s a great way to cross-promote services in the community. Is the local drugstore running a sale? Or perhaps the dentist next door wants to advertise her new services? Let them buy ad space on your system. Don’t forget to pitch your digital signage system to other professionals. Consider selling ad space to nearby physical and speech therapists. And if you’re in a small town, don’t turn your nose up at more commercial businesses. You could get a steady revenue stream from the local grocery store and auto shop too. After all, you’re a pillar of the community and small-town folk help each other out.

To conclude

Digital signage for the healthcare industry is an excellent way of making everyone’s life easier. It helps doctors, nurses and staff do their job better. Patients and visitors have a better customer experience with digital signage. And the extra advertising revenue boosts profits. It’s just what the doctor ordered.