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When customers walk around your store, they’ll be on the lookout for promotions and special offers to help them get a good deal. It’s your job to make those offers eye-catching and irresistible—and digital signage lets you do exactly that. 

When you display discount offers on digital screens, you can drive customers to products that are high value for both them and your business. Our research found that 59% of customers want to know more about what they see on screens. That makes creating efficient sales signage a crucial aspect of attracting—and converting—your customers. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how. Read on to discover how to use digital signage for retail to display discounts and other deals. With Yodeck, it’s unbeatably easy.

Why Digital Signage is Your Best Choice to Display Discount Offers In-Store

Maybe your in-store customers know what they’re looking for already. But whether they’re here to make a specific purchase or they’re just browsing, they can probably be influenced by other products they see—particularly if there’s a good deal.

Digital signage can make those deals and offers eye-catching, exciting, and difficult to resist. By displaying moving, full-colour adverts with your best promotions, digital signage can help you grab your customers’ attention and boost sales

  • Digital signage brings customers in. Shop window signage gets people through your door. By displaying discounts to passers-by, you’ll give customers a good reason to come in—and help you beat the competition.
  • Shop customers can easily be influenced by signage. Studies suggest that US Americans make over 150 impulse purchases every year, adding up to a value of over $5,400 annually. Other research shows just how much digital signage, in the context of the wider shopping environment, has an impact. 
  • Digital signage increases sales. If you needed more evidence of the power of digital signage, 79% of retailers say that it helps cross-sells, according to a Yodeck study. What’s more, in Yodeck research among restaurants, 77% of businesses said that it increased sales, while 82% said it also increased customer satisfaction. 
  • It can do a whole lot more too. Aside from displaying discounts, digital signage can help you boost brand recognition, host health and safety messages, and build loyalty too. 

If you’re looking to display discounts and boost sales in your store, there’s no better option than digital signage. And with the right supplier, digital signage makes your life much easier too. 

Before we move on to explore how you can get started, let’s recap how Yodeck’s digital signage can make your business operations effortless.

How Yodeck makes digital signage easier

At Yodeck, we believe that digital signage should be easy. When it offers so much, everyone should be able to benefit, whether you’re an international retail brand or a one-person show. 

That’s why you’ll find that, from plug-and-play setup to our effortless content management system (CMS), Yodeck will make your life easier, so you can better focus on your customers. 

  • Show whatever content you want, without fuss. Whether you want to stream content directly from online or design it completely from scratch, Yodeck makes it possible. And if you’d prefer some design help to get kicked off, you can use our range of templates. 
  • Manage your content centrally. Want a couple of screens in your store? Or are you looking to deploy thousands of screens across outlets worldwide? Whatever your needs, you can manage all your content from just one place—the Yodeck CMS. That means no more manual updates.
  • Get set up in three steps. Sign up for an account for free, order a Yodeck player, and plug in your screen. That’s all you need to do to get started. 

The Swiss luxury watch brand, Richard Mille, discovered how easy it is to use Yodeck. They wanted a solution that could display content across all their outlets worldwide and that could be managed in one central place. 

That’s exactly what we offered to give Richard Mille full control over their in-store content. As a result, it’s also giving their staff more time to focus on their customers rather than managing individual screens. 

“Yodeck is a video streaming solution that I recommend to everyone. Its ease of use and all the benefits it brings for a unique boutique experience have allowed us to interact with our customers in a whole new way. It is a technical solution that we have been looking for a long time and which today fully satisfies us.”  

Guillaume Mille, Video Manager

How to Make the Best Use of Digital Signage for Discount Displays

Digital signage can help you display discount codes, offers, and deals to turn browsing shoppers into paying customers. 

But how do you turn this promise into a reality in your store? Here, we share three sales-boosting digital signage tips to convert your customers.

1. Use high-quality visuals to highlight deals

For digital signage to be successful, it needs to be eye-catching, visually appealing, and persuasive. To achieve that, your signage design matters a lot. 

There are some things to bear in mind when creating your signage, which you can learn about in more detail in our guide to digital design tips. For now, here are a couple of things to consider.

  • Make sure your signage visuals conform to your wider brand. Using your logos, color schemes, and brand design should be given in your signage. Remember that, however important it is by itself, your signage is one element in the whole environment of your store.
  • Keep visuals professional with the right technical specs. Elements of your signage design like aspect ratio and image resolution, are fundamental to providing the high-quality finish your customers expect. 
  • Use templates to speed up the job. If you don’t have time to build your designs from scratch, don’t fret. With our library of templates, we’ll give you a helping hand to get started. 

2. Display discount deals in strategic locations

What are your best deals? They’re not just the ones that are favourites among customers. From your perspective, they’re the deals that give you the highest margins too.

The impact your product deals make isn’t just down to sign design. Sign placement matters too. Ensuring your most valuable discounts are displayed strategically across your store will mean they appeal to the most customers as frequently as possible. 

So how do you do that in practice?

  • Consider the path your customers will follow throughout the score. How do your customers move through your store? Where do they typically stop? Integrating your signage with an understanding of how your customers are using your space will ensure that signs are there to be seen in the places where customers are paying the most attention—like next to the escalators or on a main pathway through your store. 
  • Encourage impulse purchases in high-traffic areas. High-purchase products and your checkouts are both excellent places to encourage impulse buys. Discount displays here will be seen by the highest number of people. 
  • Don’t forget outward-facing signage. If you’re a store in a shopping mall or busy street, your discount display can bring people in that may otherwise have walked on by.

3. Make full use of your digital signage

Don’t just display discounts on your digital screens. Instead, put them to full use by engaging your customers with a range of different content. 

  • Lead customers to your social media feeds. Cultivate deeper engagement by promoting your social media content in-store. Social media walls are a great way to build loyalty and keep customers coming back. 
  • Show your products in action. Model clothes on-screen, showcase how technology can be used, or display other types of marketing content. 
  • Use QR codes to give customers more information. Whether that’s to encourage customers to sign up for newsletters or show them product specifications, QR codes are an easy way to help them find out more. 
  • Share Covid-19 and other health and safety guidance. While the pandemic might feel like it’s behind us, customers are still reassured by hygiene notices. 

Display Discounts, Deals, and More with Yodeck Digital Signage

There’s so much you can do with digital signage in retail. With Yodeck, it’s all easy. 

  • Add any visuals and media into our content management system. All you have to do is drag and drop your content into a playlist and it’s ready for your screens. 
  • Rely on Yodeck to grow with you. Our solution is fully scalable, up to thousands of screens.
  • Control everything centrally. Forget manually updating your screens one by one. Instead, manage all your content from a single device. 

Get started with retail signage with Yodeck. Book a demo to find out how it works.