Yodeck featured in FastCasual.com


In Q2 of 2022, Yodeck Digital Signage ran a survey to evaluate the impact of digital signage in the restaurant industry, according to a company press release.

Specifically, Yodeck wanted to better understand how much digital signage increases sales and if restaurant industry business owners can actually measure the impact of their digital displays.

Among the findings, Yodeck learned that 90% of business owners who use digital signage for personalized engagement, such as calls to action and loyalty programs, said their sales have risen. Also, 86% of respondents who displayed branded ads on screens said they have improved their customer experience. Overall, 84% of restaurant industry business owners think digital signage makes their brand more recognizable to consumers.

In addition, 77% said digital signage increased sales, while 82% said it has increased sales and also improved customer satisfaction.

This post was originally published on FastCasual.com. Read it there: Yodeck survey says restaurants see gains with digital signage