Ever think of using shop window digital signage displays to lure retail customers through the door and straight to checkout? All retailers put great thought and artistic flair when revamping their shop windows. But are you really maximizing potential customers’ window shopping experience and boosting sales? Shop window digital signage displays could do the trick to help you not only create effective sales signage but compete with other brick and mortar stores and online retailers.

What is digital window display?

In short, it’s when you place digital signage screens as part of your storefront display. Although your window digital display TV is placed on-site, inside your store, it faces outwards in order to attract the attention of passersby and window-shoppers– your potential customers.

While your business is open, it helps lure in people by advertising your products and services. However, and most importantly, your digital window displays continue to attract customers while you’re closed, as your digital window display screens keep showing images, videos and playlists of new product lines, promotions, sales and services. So essentially, your digital signage screens advertise your products and services 24/7.

Where do you place digital signage?

In addition to placing your information screen display TVs at locations where people have long wait times or “dead” time to pay attention to your signage screens (such as near check-out lines and in elevators), or where there’s a lot of foot traffic, using digital window signage screens gives you one more marketing tool to advertise promotions, sales and services.

As people stroll by your store, attractive videos and playlists shown on small digital displays as part of your storefront window interior design grabs people’s attention. Crucially, when you place digital signage window screens at eye-level, and as a natural part of your décor, you get a tasteful and attractive way of impressing people who walk by. Therefore, they’ll come into your store to purchase the products they saw and liked on your digital advertising screen while window-shopping.

Why invest in shop window digital signage displays when your storefront’s already hopping

Because your customers expect a more engaging, immersive experience at your store. You’ve got to earn each and every dollar they spend. Yes, earn. You’re up against other physical retailers no matter where you’re located. From malls to Main Street, you’re surrounded by competitors. Sure, you’re thinking you’ve got awesome merchandise and excellent service and that’s what keeps people coming, right? The sad truth is that it’s not enough. Everyone’s in the rat race, retailers struggle to stay afloat. Even big-name, legacy retailers can’t make it. After all, if Sears went bankrupt, with its big-budget sales and generations-old customer loyalty, who’s to say it won’t happen to everyone else?

Obviously no one’s got a crystal ball with a direct link to people’s shopping habits. Even if people are spending more than ever before. In fact, retail sales shot to $6 trillion in 2018. That’s a huge pie you’re trying to carve a piece out of. And evidently customers are throwing their cash at retailers like you. Or aren’t they?

Although retail sales grew 2.3%, department and other brick and mortar store sales fell up to 3%. And guess whose sales skyrocketed? Online retailers’. By 3.7%, in fact (and much more during and after the pandemic). So how on earth can you compete with stores that let your customers shop in their pajamas?

You offer them an equally high-tech, engaging, immersive shopping experience. And shop window digital signage displays can certainly give you that extra competitive edge you’re looking for. After all, customers are already primed to focus on screens. Laptops, smartphones and other types of touchscreen digital signage have elbowed their way into the shopping experience, whether you like it or not. And shop window digital signage displays let you dazzle customers before they even walk through the door.

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Shop window digital signage displays attract customers

You’ve got your new styles rockin’ your shop window or the day’s specials written in chalk, right there on the sidewalk. What more could even the most discerning customer want? A whole lot more is the short answer. And how do you deliver? You show your customers all the wonderful things your shop offers. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Which is where shop window digital signage displays step up to the plate to hit a home run.

Set up digital signage screens alongside your more traditional storefront displays. No one’s asking you to kick your tried-and-tested décor to the curb. Or alienate shopping purists. Shop window digital signage displays complement the trademark style you’ve already got. How? In truth, people love visual content. Images and videos grab people’s attention and visual content is 43% more persuasive than any other method. Why not use shop window digital signage displays to harness that sales-making potential?

On the other hand, you’ll point out that shop windows are inherently visual. Mannequins, props, décor. It’s all designed to please the eye. But why not take it a step further? With shop window digital signage displays your storefront décor can always be kept fresh and up to date. Obviously you can’t change your physical décor every day. But you can easily revamp what you’re showcasing on your screens. With a few clicks of your digital signage software, even on a daily basis, you can tell an up-to-date and engaging story of your brand — and it can happen remotely. Imagine how easy it is, especially if you’re managing multiple shop locations. New merchandise or menu? Upload some pics, or a quick video you shot with your smartphone and it’s right there on screen for your shoppers to see. You can give your customers a brand new experience each time they walk by your store.

Revolutionize your advertising strategy with retail signage displays in store windows

The benefits of shop window digital signage displays don’t stop with attractive images and videos. Nor do the practical advantages end with remote content management. And it is especially true if you change your way of thinking about storefront displays. Until now, you were limited to static window dressing. Same mannequins, décor, merchandise, every time customers walked by. At one point they’ll tune out.

With shop window digital signage displays for retail, you can change it up, tell a story, create a playlist or a layout. Think of how much more dynamic and engaging your storefront would be if you had a series of videos or pics showcasing your brand new spring fashions in an impromptu fashion show? Or a layout that not only touted your brand new organic menu, in the flesh, but also boasted your party hosting prowess? Imagine if you had a live feed of the kitchen, showing customers the fresh food and excellent chefs your restaurant offers? Or how about a video of your hair and makeup professionals giving someone a makeover?

With digital displays in retail storefronts, your ability to attract customers and make more sales reaches a whole new level and has real potential. It’s no longer static. You can make changes, updates, and launch new campaigns as often as you want. You can advertise different sales at different times of day depending on who’s walking by at that time. Your storefront strategy becomes targeted. You can focus on specific customer groups with information about sales and products they’d spend on. In fact, the sky’s the limit. And your customers get an engaging shopping experience before they even open your store door. Because with shop window digital signage displays you can design an effective content strategy that works. And translates to profits – with a small digital signage investment that all businesses can afford and easily deploy. Specifically, all you need as a digital screen display is a TV paired with digital signage software.

It’s all about the screens with shop window digital signage displays

There is one caveat when it comes to successful sales because of shop window digital signage displays. You must pay careful attention to screen location in your storefront. If your screens aren’t easy to see, are placed too high, too low, or have a glare from the sun or streetlights, your strategy will tank. Get as creative as you want when it comes to using shop window digital signage displays. However you must make sure your customers can see your screens at all times. In addition, if you really want to go all out, set up a digital signage video wall. It’s not as hard as it sounds, and totally impressive. Also, it’s a particularly easy way of making your storefront stand out. However, if you want to keep it simple, just create an attractive digital store sign using free, fully-customizable screen layout templates.

What does it all mean?

Using shop window digital signage in addition to in store digital signage offers your customers an immersive and engaging shopping experience that rivals online retailers. Images, videos, shows and playlists attract customers who are walking by and draw them inside your store. Making a sale gets easier with a dynamic advertising strategy. And it works for all retailers.

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