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Yodeck in VentureBeat

63% said they feel wary or even scared when they don’t see coronavirus safety signs on display in shops, restaurants, or other locations. Moreover, it negatively affects their perception of the business, its owners, and its management. This reveals what was perhaps an otherwise unknown in-store experience that business owners can improve with simple measures. This is especially important as businesses recover from the COVID-19, down-economy.

Among the key findings, Yodeck learned that the absence of safety signs has a meaningful impact on consumers’ opinions of the venue they are shopping at.

Another key finding was consumers’ perception of safety sign effectiveness. When asked if they believe the use of COVID-19 safety signs still have the same effect, 41% replied that they strongly believe it helps people follow guidelines. In other words, safety signs tend to increase consumer confidence that safety measures will be followed in shops, restaurants, and other settings.

In Q2 of 2021, Yodeck Digital Signage ran a survey to evaluate the impact of safety signs during the COVID-19 era to better understand consumer awareness of safety signage. The survey included 400 people across the US. 24% of them were from the northeast, 10% from the west, 39% from the South, and 19% from the midwest. They replied to 21 questions in total, all related to the COVID-19 level of cautiousness and safety signs.

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