Digital Signage for Gyms and Fitness Centers Whips Your Business Into Shape

Digital signage for gyms and fitness centers transforms your business into a lean, mean, profit-making machine. Think it’s just another fad out to fool you? You couldn’t be more wrong. Because if you do digital signage right, you’ll be in fighting form. And what’s better than crossing that finish line first and leaving your competition in the dust?

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Digital signage for gyms and fitness centers makes a great profitability buddy

Everyone knows there’s no “i” in team, right? Same thing holds true when it comes to building a thriving business – you just can’t do it alone. Of course your staff and the high value and quality of your brand top the list of success-making criteria. But you need all the help you can get when the competition gets cutthroat. And digital signage makes a great partner when it comes to upping profits.

Why does digital signage make a great partner?

Because digital signage is all about getting your message and the power of your brand to the right people. We’re bombarded with messages all day every day. On our phones, TVs, social media, the internet – content screams at us 24/7. And it’s hard to be heard – no matter how high-value your message is.

Digital signage for gyms and fitness centers guarantees your message and branding gets VIP treatment. How? Because you’ve got a captive target audience. Sure, people focus on their workouts when they’re at your gym. No-pain, no-gain’s a harsh reality, especially when it comes to successful workouts. But we all need a little distraction while we’re crushing it on that treadmill. And you can provide it through your digital signage screens.

Offer content that provides helpful information, something of value, something your gym members need. It gets people hooked on your screens because they know they’ll get quality info from you. And you’ll put your branded message in the spotlight. Make sure you place your screens in just the right place, and you’ll engage your clients. A profit boost won’t be far behind.

Here’s how:

Show them what you’re worth with digital signage for gyms and fitness centers

What’s great about digital signage for gyms and fitness centers is that everyone surrounding your screens is already there for you. They’re already interested, involved, invested. So wow them with your skills.

Do you offer personal training sessions, new yoga classes, aerobics for the over-60s? Let people know. Launching a new line of branded sportswear or delicious nutrition drinks? Make sure you make that the focus of an awesome playlist. Did you just revamp your loyalty program? Tell people all about the new perks they’ll get in a show. Use video and images to make your content attention-grabbing, and people will line up at the register. Cross-selling and up-selling? Done and done. All because of digital signage for gyms and fitness centers.

Need more incentive? You should take advantage of any screens you’ve got set up for treadmills and exercise bikes. Just sprinkle your own ads and content between whatever’s streaming on screens in front of all those die-hard runners and fitness geeks. What’s great is that they’re already a captive audience!

Break your profit-making record by finding your target viewers

Of course products like discounted memberships or super-food smoothies will interest everyone. But how about a discount for dance fitness for teens? Or swimming for seniors? You won’t get any bites if your ads are on screen when the corporate crowd’s in.

Digital signage for gyms and fitness centers means you can schedule content and tailor your message based on different target viewers. Make your message hit the mark. You know who’s enrolled in what classes or which hours are most popular for each gender or age group. Switch up your content and get the right eyes on your tailored message. Retirees keep your gym hopping in the morning? Advertise your senior swimming sessions when they’re around. Got a personal trainer who specializes in teen fitness? Let the football-crazy dads know when they file in after work. People will get the information that applies to them specifically. And you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Digital signage for gyms and fitness centers keeps people motivated – and makes them renew their membership

Becoming a champ in your business depends on people renewing their membership year after year. After all, loyal members are paying members. But that’s hard to achieve. Especially since most new members flock in as a last ditch effort to get buff and beach-ready. You want to turn their spur of the moment desperation into weight-loss success. Not cross-fit failure. Because if people give up after a couple of months, they’re not going to throw their dollars at you come membership renewal time.

How do you do get people to keep renewing their memberships? Offer them the support and motivation they need to succeed. Studies show constant help and a weight loss buddy help people meet their fitness goals in the long-term. You can’t force people to show up each day and work out. And you can’t put their fridge on lock-down to avoid late-night snacking. But you can offer them professional help and advice they need to reach their fitness and weight loss goals through digital signage for gyms and fitness centers.

Use your digital signage screens to give people helpful tips that could pave the way to success. Offer them the support they need to keep on trying, no matter how hard or pointless it might feel. Share success stories that even those who struggle can relate to. Once people see you offer them a sense of community, they’ll keep their membership going even when the going gets tough and the pounds don’t melt away. Because they know you care and are there for them. Give people an emotional boost and they’ll return the favor by helping your profits soar.

Let local businesses advertise on your digital signage for gyms and fitness centers

What’s easier than some extra advertising revenue? Partner with local health food stores, juice bars or nutritionists and display their ads. You’ll help out your members by letting them know about goods and services they might find helpful. Other businesses might even offer your clients special discounts or perks. But either way you’ll pad your profit margins.

Think it’s too time consuming or hard to host other people’s ads? It’s not. Yodeck for instance offers special playback reporting for proof of play, so we make it quick and easy for you to reach your profit targets.

Digital signage for gyms and fitness centers helps your business find its inner champion

You want your business to not only succeed, but offer your clients the best service possible. And digital signage for gyms and fitness centers helps you reach your goal. Design content that tells people all about your new services or classes. Make sure the right people see information that’s useful to them by creating targeted schedules. Use your screens to get advertising revenue by partnering with quality businesses. Your clients will trust you for offering information they value. And you’ll thank digital signage for gyms and fitness centers for getting you the gold.

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