Motivate & inspire with gym digital signage

Motivate your gym members and establish a safer environment for them by displaying fitness-related content or safety tips through gym digital signage screens.

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Digital signage screen for gyms



Increase in views



Growth in customer satisfaction



Fewer safety incidents

Free, fully customizable templates for gyms and fitness classes

Transform your Gym & Fitness Center into an engagement place using our specially designed templates.


Free apps for greater member engagement

Inspire your audience by showcasing dynamic and engaging content on your fitness screen. Utilize social media integration to display real-time posts from fellow members, and share calendars and schedules to keep everyone updated and informed. Yodeck’s apps are not only completely free but also easy to use!

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Why choose Yodeck

Run 1 screen, forever free, and access ALL our features

Gym digital signage screen & apps

Yodeck’s user-friendly digital signage software enables users to manage and control everything with minimal technological knowledge effortlessly. With a vast gallery of images, videos, and helpful content tips, crafting the perfect displays is easy. Simply employ the drag-and-drop technique to incorporate images or videos, utilize our user-friendly playlists for consistently fresh content, and manage it all from anywhere!

At Yodeck, our #1 priority is to secure your data and hardware. Our cloud-based platform ensures enterprise-grade features like SSL, firewall, password policies, as well as Player lockdown and storage encryption.

Regardless of your business scale, Yodeck provides multiple plan options tailored to meet your financial requirements without compromising on our extensive features.

Moreover, with your annual subscription, you’ll receive complimentary Yodeck Media Players, allowing you to kickstart your signage platform at a high level right from the beginning.

With the Yodeck Media Player, you will enjoy a hassle-free setup experience. It arrives pre-configured with your Wi-Fi credentials, ensuring a swift and effortless connection. Simply plug it in and watch your captivating content seamlessly displayed on your screen.

Display a variety of content on your screens, whether it’s your own images or selections from our free stock media gallery or create interactive experiences to engage your viewers even more. A process that will take just a few easy steps! Plus, you can update it whenever you want, from anywhere.

Gym digital signage screen & apps
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Digital signage for gyms and fitness centers whips your business into shape

In this blog post, you will discover the significance of Gym Digital Signage for your business, learn effective strategies to incorporate it for increased engagement, and find out how to further boost profits through advertising.

Create Loyal Members & Boost Profits


Attract more people to your fitness center by utilizing a digital signage screen placed outside your building.


Use dynamic images, videos, or inspiring quotes to motivate your members and lead them to success.


Create a safe environment for members and staff by displaying safety tips and emergency alerts on your screens.


Display all your promotions, new services, amenities, and other special offers without having to inform each member individually.


Offer a more entertaining experience by using your screens to display energetic music, movies, or fun videos.

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Save money

Save money by reducing the need for paper and ink use. Plus, you care for the environment.