Digital Signage for Cultural Organizations: Boosting the Arts

Digital signage for cultural organizations? As in, big screens standing side by side with medieval art? You bet! Sure, we’re all used to seeing digital signage screens in corporate lobbies or shops. But digital signage for cultural organizations already made a splash in world-famous museums. And whether you’re a small community theater or a quirky local gallery, digital signage can spark a new level of visitor engagement and experience.

Start Your Digital Signage

Digital signage for cultural organizations takes world-famous museums to new heights

Big-name, big-budget museums spearheaded the use of digital signage for cultural organizations. And they won big. Huge video-walls showcase famous paintings, screen-integrated ticket counters grab visitor attention and interactive kiosks keep up a creative conversation.

Why? Because giving visitors an immersive experience translates to skyrocketing success. All museums, big and small, need glowing reviews, repeat visits by locals and annual memberships to thrive. And the more immersive and interactive a museum visit is, the more visitor loyalty grows.

And the shift to digital is easy. People love interacting with screens and digital content. Smartphone addiction anyone? Huge museums harnessed visitors’ affection for screens and got them to focus on their own digital message. It’s a new way of communicating, of relationship-building. Paintings and statues are hundreds of years old, but museums refused to stay stuck in the stone age.

Everyone from the Smithsonian to Madame Tussauds Hollywood and the Cleveland Museum of Art embraced digital signage as a way of interacting and communicating with visitors. Big screens or small, handheld tablets or huge video walls, digital signage for cultural organizations proves it’s flexible, fun and effective. And most of all, it helps museums form lasting bonds with visitors.

Put Your Screens to Work

Small museums shouldn’t be left in the dust

Of course you’re thinking that these museums have big-league budgets. Huge patrons. Big-city locations. No wonder they can afford digital signage for cultural organizations. And you’re right. But there’s absolutely no reason small-town, small-budget museums can’t hop on the digital signage bandwagon and race to new frontiers.

How? Pick a digital signage system that fits your budget. You can find some great companies that offer extremely affordable annual rates plus free hardware. Screens are super cheap. Video walls are a breeze to set up. And you’ll be well on the way to offering a high-tech, high-immersion visitor experience that’ll put you on the cultural map. No matter how far off the beaten path you are. After all, online reviews rule, word of mouth wins and culture’s making a comeback.

Besides, small museums are awesome. They’re quirky, unique and capture local flair and personal history. What you’ve got going for you that the big guys don’t is that personal touch. You’ve got people living a couple blocks away who embody local color. They can tell you all about life in the 50s. Or have family photos from the Gold Rush. Maybe their grandpa worked in the train station when it was a booming mining town. Interview locals, get those funny stories straight from the horse’s mouth, make a video and feature that in your digital signage for cultural organizations. It’ll be like living in the era or chatting with an old-timer. And visitors will remember that. They’ll tell their friends, review your museum, post on YouTube. And bingo. Digital signage for cultural organizations just got you a ton of fans and free publicity. Plus lots of new visitors.

Digital signage for cultural organizations brings fine arts into the fold

Digital signage and art galleries. It’s a match Cupid himself would be proud of. I mean, digital signage is all about a visual message. And there’s nothing more visually engaging than the fine arts. Paintings, sculpture, photography, pottery – it’s a feast for the eyes. Just pick a digital signage solution you love and get to work putting together a cornucopia of images.

What’s even better is that small art galleries are a cultural pillar of their community. Which means local artists steal the spotlight. And that’s great news for gallery curators. Because you can create digital signage content that features artist interviews and commentaries as well as slideshows of the art itself. Don’t forget to create shows and playlists that feature previews of upcoming exhibitions and news from the local arts scene. You could even host content from other local museums and nearby galleries and nab yourself some extra revenue.

One thing’s for sure. Gallery patrons, visitors, locals and artists will have a great way of connecting with the art world. And experiencing your gallery in a whole new way.

Performing arts and digital signage for cultural organizations create a showstopper

Community theaters and concert halls are the beating heart of small-town life. It’s the one place where your local pharmacist turns into a talented tenor or your first grade teacher rocks the drums. People come together when they put on a show. It’s one more way of connecting – to your town, your tribe, your talent.

And it’s high time digital signage for cultural organizations helps you find your place in the limelight. You’ve got to fill those empty seats if you want to keep the show on the road, am I right? Shoot some vid of rehearsal footage. Create some buzz. Get ticket sales going weeks ahead of opening night.

People like their teasers. They like to see what your play’s about. It works for big-budget movies. It can work for your production too. And that’s where digital signage gets you the publicity you need. Does your grocer moonlight as a leading man? Great! Set up a screen right there in the supermarket and all that foot traffic will get people watching your trailer. On show nights put your screen in the lobby. Sure, have footage of the play people are about to see. But why not advertise auditions for the next production? Or feature a highlights reel of past plays and concerts. Once people see and hear what they’ve been missing, they’ll flock to you and pre-order tickets. After all, drama buffs will definitely drive from a couple towns over once they see what all the fuss is about.

Choose digital signage for cultural organizations and it’ll help your plays and concerts shoot for the stars.

Digital signage for cultural organizations give the arts a big boost

Museums, art galleries, concert halls and community theaters found a great ally in digital signage for cultural organizations. Videos, images, audio snippets, teaser and interview playlists help you build bridges with visitors and patrons. And you will certainly offer a whole new immersive dimension that keeps people coming back for more.

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