Enliven visitor experience & increase engagement

Transform museums and art galleries into modern storytellers through digital signage. Preserve history while enhancing the entire space with outstanding visuals and interactive displays to inspire visitors.

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Reduced wait times & improved queue management

Free digital signage templates
for museums

Illuminate museum collections with dynamic digital displays. Access our library of free, customizable templates designed specifically for museums. Effortlessly update content to showcase new exhibits.


Yodeck’s free apps for museums

Discover the boundless possibilities of museum digital signage with Yodeck’s free apps. Create compelling content that brings your museum’s exhibits to life and enriches your digital signage displays while informing the students.

Museum digital signage apps

Why choose Yodeck

Run 1 screen, forever free, and access ALL our features

Effortlessly create and manage your museum’s digital signage content just by drag and drop. With Yodeck’s intuitive interface, you can seamlessly upload and schedule content from anywhere, ensuring your exhibits are always captivating and up-to-date.

Experience the power of museum digital signage without breaking the bank. Yodeck offers budget-friendly pricing plans tailored to accommodate museums of all sizes. Benefit from a wealth of features designed to maximize the impact of your displays while minimizing costs.

As an added benefit, when you subscribe to our Annual plans, you’ll receive free Yodeck Media Players!

Transform your museum exhibits with dynamic content. Yodeck’s digital signage platform supports various media formats, allowing you to showcase videos, images, interactive maps, and more. Enhance visitor engagement and storytelling with ease.

Simplify the setup process with Yodeck’s plug-and-play media player. With pre-configured Wi-Fi connectivity, installation is quick and hassle-free. Just plug in your media player, and watch as your museum comes to life with captivating digital displays.

Protect your museum’s valuable content with Yodeck’s enterprise-grade security features. From SSL encryption to firewall protection, ensure your digital signage data is safeguarded against unauthorized access.


Digital signage for museums

Learn how to make your museum a truly engaging and inspiring place for visitors of all ages. Read the full article to explore ideas and all the benefits digital signage can offer to your museum!

Extra Benefits that Boost your Profits

Promote events

Use museum digital signage to show upcoming events, lectures, or educational programs, increasing attendance and engagement.


Provide enriching educational experiences for visitors of all ages showcasing historical context, and interactive learning opportunities.

Save money

Maximize your museum’s budget with cost-effective digital signage. Say no to printing costs and wasteful materials by going digital.

Go green

Reduce environmental impact by adopting sustainable digital signage practices and eliminating paper waste and energy consumption.

Real-time updates

Keep visitors informed with real-time updates on exhibits, events, and museum news, ensuring they have the latest information.

Attract visitors

Captivate passers-by and entice them to explore your museum with eye-catching digital signage displays using outdoor museum signage.